SPRO’s Madeye Shad 55 Excels for Big Finicky Walleyes

Kennesaw, GA – SPRO®, a world leader in fishing tackle innovation, is making more waves in the walleye scene. SPRO’s Madeye Shad is a 55mm tight-wobbling, boot-tailed crankbait that will tempt the biggest walleyes on local rivers, natural lakes and big waters. Its natural profile works even for the most reluctant fish.

The Madeye Shad’s tight action represents a wide range of baitfish in peril. It distinguishes itself from the competition with its unique, free-swinging boot tail, which provides a distinctive acoustic signature and calls fish from a distance. Whether cast or trolled, it shows the fish something they’ve never seen or heard before, which is often the difference between putting fish in the boat or going home empty-handed. When cast, it will easily reach down to six feet deep; when trolled, it will tickle the bottom in 11 feet.

The Madeye Shad 55 is equipped with sticky-sharp #5 Gamakatsu trebles and comes in nine custom color schemes that enables anglers to match local forage and adjust to changing water colors.

SPRO Madeye Shad 55 Specs

  • Weight: 3/8 ounce
  • Size: 55mm
  • Hook: Gamakatsu #5 Trebles
  • Depth: 5-6 feet casting, 11 feet trolling


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