SPRO MadEye Series Excels in All Waters

Kennesaw, Georgia – SPRO® turned to guru Rob Ruckman to create a series of baits that would consistently catch walleyes in tough, early-season conditions right through the warmer temperatures. The MadEye Minnow 120 and MadEye Diver produce sound and action that convinces even sluggish walleyes to bite, and draws active fish from great distances.

Though they sport different profiles and actions, both are tournament-ready right out of the package, boasting an incredibly life-like, durable finish, complete with etched scales and gill plates. The SPRO walleye baits are available in a range of colors proven in the Great Lakes and beyond, including four options for custom painters. A sound chamber mimics baitfish of a similar size range, offering further enticement. Premium Gamakatsu hooks ensure that fish get hooked and stay hooked.

“The MadEye Minnow is the absolute best cold-water trolling walleye bait I have ever used,” said SPRO Pro Rob Ruckman. Ruckman cites the distinctive rolling and wobbling action that allows it to be trolled effectively at speeds as slow as 0.8 miles per hour and big fish profile that offers a meal worth pursuing even in near-freezing water. The unique bill design is tuned to perform well at a variety of depths down to 20 feet. Or, as Ruckman puts it, “The MadEye Minnow reaches deep water and haunts where the big fish play.”

The MadEye Diver features the proven “banana” profile that delivers a tight wobbling action with unpredictable side-to-side movement that causes walleyes to strike with abandon. Designed for trolling at speeds between 1.5 to 2.5 miles per hour, the MadEye Diver wobbles its way down to depths of 17 feet, complete with a rattling sound that drives walleyes mad. The MadEye Diver excels when water temps reach 55 degrees and above, making it Ruckman’s go-to bait in the summer. “It’s the perfect walleye trolling bait to use on any size body of water.”

MadEye Minnow 120 Features

  • 120mm
  • 1/2 ounces
  • Loud knocking sound
  • Moves water with rolling action
  • Three Gamakatsu round bend treble hooks
  • Achieves depths of 17 feet with 100 feet of 10lb. test mono

MadEye Diver Features

  • 85mm
  • 5/16 ounces
  • Rattling sound
  • Two-line ties for varied depths
  • Two Gamakatsu round bend treble hooks
  • Achieves depths of 17 feet with 100 feet of 10lb. test mono


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