SPRO Introduces the CJ Smasher to the Soft Plastic Scene

Kennesaw, GA – Designed by professional anglers Cory and Chris Johnston, the CJ Smasher is a soft plastic bait that fishermen can use for drop shot, Texas rig, and jig head techniques. Featuring Spro’s Dura Tuff material and Amino Bite scent, this 3” long bait is super soft yet super tough with a ton of action. Fish just can’t resist this tough and attractive bait.

Cory Johnston secured a victory at the Bass Open using this soft plastic lure, and Chris Johnston took home first place honors at a Major League Fishing event with this in his tackle box. The CJ Smasher is a top-of-the-line choice for seasoned anglers, but is also user-friendly enough for those first-time fishermen.

Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater, SPRO’s Amino Bite scent remains viscous and pliable in all weather conditions. Utilizing a custom blend of amino acids, application into water creates a scent trail that travels through the water column and calls fish closer. The scent infused into the CJ Smasher forces fish to strike by activating their predatory instincts, and nature takes over. The Duratuff construction of the lure floats completely and makes for great action in the water.

The new CJ Smasher from SPRO® is available in ten different color options and sold in packs of five. For more information, click here.

CJ Smasher Features:

  • Duratuff material
  • Amino Bite Scent infused worm​
  • Best suited for drop shot, jig head or Texas rig​
  • Available in 10 color options

CJ Smasher Specifications:

  • Length: 3”​
  • Pieces per pack: 5
  • MSRP: $6.99


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