SPRO Enhances its Terminal Tackle Lineup With New Sinkers

Kennesaw, GA – SPRO® has long been known for making best-in-class lures and terminal tackles like premium swivels. Now, the company is expanding that latter category with three new sets of tungsten sinkers that showcase the company’s legendary precision and attention to functionality. The three new sinkers include the Pea Sinker TG, Dropshot Weight TG, and Slide Weight TG.

With these new products to SPRO’s terminal tackle lineup, anglers in both fresh and saltwater can be assured that their weights will be consistent, perform as expected, and keep their lures in the strike zone. Fishermen can expect to control their lures to the maximum extent possible.

No bass angler who hopes to catch fish day in, day out can live without a quality drop-shot sinker. SPRO’s Dropshot TG weights are compact and feature a swivel tie, which means anglers won’t lose nearly as many as other drop-shot rigs. They come in two shapes – a squat “grenade” style weight made for fishing rock or open water and a longer version that excels in weeds and timber.

The pea sinker is meant to be used with a cutting edge called the “Bean Rig” technique from Japan – a modified Texas rig – that allows soft plastics to be fished in and around heavy cover. It’s incredibly versatile and causes the lure to fall more vertically than a traditional Texas rig. A special tube inside the weight allows the sinker to move up and down the line without fraying it.

The slide sinker weight truly customizes any hook, allowing intrepid anglers to add just the weight or a spinner blade for added attraction. Like the others, it’s premium tungsten and includes silicone stops to hold it firmly in place.

SPRO Pea Sinker TG Features

  • Material: Tungsten
  • Sizes: ⅛ to 2 oz

SPRO Dropshot Weight TG Features

  • Material: Tungsten
  • Sizes: ⅛ to ½ ounce

SPRO Slide Weight TG Features

  • Material: Tungsten
  • Sizes:1/16 – 3/16 oz
  • Hook and/or blade not included