SPRO Cannon Ball Saltwater Jigs

Kennesaw, GA – While the glamour species in the offshore world – tuna, tarpon and marlin – seem to receive all the hype, a large majority of saltwater anglers enjoy the simple joy and excitement of hooking a limit of fluke/flounder, snapper, sea bass and porgies. SPRO meets the needs of those anglers with its new Cannon Ball saltwater jigs, featuring unique Tai rubber skirts rigged with two Gamakatsu 1/0 assist hooks. The jigs are offered in six sizes, each in five different colors.

“Our lure design team focused on a ‘utilitarian’ approach to developing the Cannon Ball jigs,” said SPRO’s Syd Rives. “The objective we meet is a lure designed to be useful and practical to attract and target these species, not at all to attract anglers. Most may hesitate at first to try one, let alone pull one off a tackle shop peg, but our field-testing throughout northeast Atlantic waters, and up-and-down the Atlantic and Gulf coast show these jigs attract fish.”

Working the jig close to the bottom slowly and allowing it to swim and drift provides the most action. It’s ideal when fishing over the bottom species structure and equally effective over shallower-water reefs.

The Cannon Ball jigs, offered in five lure weights from 85 to 340 grams (3- to 12-oz.), come in a variety of colors, including Mirror Blue, Tequila Sunrise, Key Lime Pie, Bloody Mary and Peach Glow.

Cannon Ball Specs

  • Size: (in grams) – 85, 120, 170, 225, 280, 340
  • Body Material: Tai rubber skirt, lead jig ball head
  • Hooks: two Gamakatsu 1/0 assist hooks
  • Colors: Mirror Blue, Tequila Sunrise, Key Lime Pie, Bloody Mary, Peach Glow
  • MSRP: from $11.10 to $19 USD


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