Baby Fat John 50

SPRO Adds Baby Fat John 50 To Little John Crankbait Line

SPRO is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Little John family of crankbaits, the Baby Fat John 50.

John Crews is no stranger to crankbaits as he has teamed with SPRO to bring us the Little John line of crankbaits in the past. This year John and SPRO will add a new bait to the Little John family called the Baby Fat John 50. Built to fill a void in the Little John lineup the Baby Fat John 50 is the shallowest running crankbait of the family.

John says “the reason he created the Baby Fat John was to fill a needed niche in the Little John family, but he also wanted to create a bait that has a natural and unique hunting action when retrieved through the water”. The Baby Fat John 50 weights in at 3/8oz, will reach the 1 -2ft depths when fished on 10lb test line, and also has a unique hunting action that has not been seen before in a crankbait.

The Baby Fat John 50 will come in 8 of SPRO’s top fish catching Little John colors.

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Baby Fat John 50

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