Spring Into Fishing with New Tackle From Shimano

Spring has sprung across the country. Largemouth are headed to the shallows down south, walleye are beginning their annual spawning runs across the northland, and tarpon are headed to warming inshore waters throughout the southeast. After a long cold winter, anglers are ready to meet those fish with exuberance, and of course, the latest tools and tackle. Today, Shimano reveals a diverse collection of new products – including reels, rods, and lures – that are designed and engineered to help anglers have their best season ever.


The Shimano Torium is a lightweight, precision-engineered, star-drag saltwater reel that is perfect for both live bait and bottom-fishing applications. Torium’s lineup of versatile sizes allows anglers to find a model to fit their exact need, with three new reels now introduced: the two 40 models (available in either high gear (HG) or power gear (PG) configurations) excel for bottom fishing for grouper and snapper, while the 50 is excellent for targeting Ulua from the rocks in Hawaii. The Torium is encased within the HAGANE Body for high rigidity, eliminating flex while increasing overall efficiency and cranking power. Torium features Shimano’s S-Compact Body, with a smaller B-side plate that allows anglers to easily palm the reel, enhancing control in critical situations. Packed with features like Cross Carbon Drag, High Efficiency Gearing and S A-RB bearings, the Torium series of reels has the fish-fighting features that count when it matters most.

Teramar PX Southeast

Designed to present baits with perfection while also giving anglers the delicate power needed to land coveted inshore species, the new Teramar PX Southeast (SE) series of rods incorporates Shimano’s Hi-Power X blank technology to create a rod that will perform no matter the conditions. Hi-Power X technology enhances the rod’s structural integrity by wrapping the blank with carbon tape in an intricate array of X-shapes. The width of the tape, its winding angle and the section of the rod being wrapped are each fine-tuned according to the targeted fish species. As a result, Teramar PX rods exhibit reduced blank twist, increased rigidity and enhanced power transmission while casting and fighting fish, putting anglers in complete control. The Teramar PX SE lineup of inshore and nearshore rods encompass five casting and eight spinning models for anglers targeting everything from speckled sea trout to bull reds and tarpon. Built with Seaguide guides and paired with a Fuji reel seat, Teramar PX SE rods boast a premium component combination aimed at flawless performance and unmatched durability. Teramar PX SE is built to exceed anglers’ expectations during critical moments on the water.

Coltsniper Splash Walk

Shimano designed the Coltsniper Splash Walk – a premium surface pencil bait – with one goal in mind: drive large saltwater predators crazy. Measuring 7 ¼” and weighing 3 3/8 oz, the Coltsniper Splash Walk incorporates Shimano’s Propulsion Weight Transfer System to dramatically enhance casting distance, minimizing the chances of spooking the fish you’re chasing. The lure’s low-pitch knock coupled with a nearly stationary walk-the-dog action that keeps the lure in the strike zone longer are sure to get the attention of any large game fish — especially big striped bass. The unique balance of the Coltsniper Splash Walk causes the lure to sit vertically when paused, rather than horizontally. This innovative design feature increases hookup ratios and reduces the chances of a large fish missing the bait during aggressive strikes. Robust through-wire construction provides added durability during tough fights with big fish. Available in six color patterns, each Coltsniper Splash Walk boasts a Kyorin finish to give the lure a dynamic, lifelike appearance.

Curado BFS

The new Shimano Curado BFS (Bait Finesse System) expands the Curado lineup of low-profile reels while redefining finesse fishing for tournament anglers. Instilled with Japanese inspiration and engineering, the new Curado BFS leverages exclusive technologies that allow anglers to present lightweight lures with the precision of baitcasting gear. Perfect for balsa crankbaits, Ned rigs, or even small topwaters and jerkbaits, the Curado BFS incorporates an ultra-lightweight shallow spool that takes minimal force to turn, helping anglers cast finesse baits on thin diameter line. The reel also incorporates Shimano’s Finesse Tune Brake (FTB) system, reducing the spool’s weight by moving the braking unit from the spool to the palming side-plate. Shimano’s Finesse Tune Brake capitalizes on the cast’s centrifugal force and automatically adjusts to slow down the spool only when braking is needed. Sporting a durable yet light HAGANE aluminum body and fortified by Shimano’s S A-RB bearings and X-Ship system, the Curado BFS is the ideal tool for anglers to downsize baits to increase their success on the water.

Spring has sprung, and the fish are waiting. Catch bigger fish this season with help from innovative new Shimano reels, rods and lures.