Sportsmen and Women Fuel the American Economy

Recently released data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reveals that in 2011 we achieved an 11 percent increase in the number of anglers compared to the survey conducted in 2006. This increase in the numbers of sportsmen and women ages 16 years of age and older would now have this group equal in size to the population of the state of California, approximately 37 million.

When you create a group as large as this, the economic flow from them is substantial. In 2011 this group spent $90 billion, roughly the same amount as the global sales of Apple’s iPad™ and iPhone™ in the same year. If one company profited solely from that $90 billion, they would have ranked #24 on the Fortune 500. Anglers spent $12 billion on boats and other special equipment during 2011, more than Starbucks’ global revenue for that year.

Anglers also spent $22 billion on fishing trip related expenses during the same time frame, more than total movie box office receipts in 2011. If you have gone to the movies lately, that alone should impress you considering what they are charging for a ticket.

As you see, even though we were in a slumping economy the American angler helped to fuel our economy and your businesses. Did you grab enough of a piece of the $90 billion? If not, why? What are your challenges? What can we at Fishing Tackle Retailer provide you to ensure you get your piece of that pie? Let us know so we can better serve you and the sportfishing industry.