Sporting Good Retailers Falling Short

A recent study performed by Compete, a digital marketing research firm, confirmed that people who use Twitter are more likely to visit and make purchases from a retailer’s website than those consumers who do not use Twitter. Twitter users are also visiting sporting goods retailers’ websites more than non-Twitter users.

On average, when this group of Twitter users received tweets from retailers, they were 39% more likely to purchase something from that website. Unfortunately, when it comes to Twitter users purchasing from sporting good retailers, those numbers do not apply. According to a recent study, sporting goods retailers are not staying active enough on social media to make an impact.

This study proves that Twitter users are more inclined to shop on a sporting goods retailer’s site, yet no one appears to be converting these users to buyers. Twitter can be confusing to users, and unless you have a game plan you can do more damage than good.

Compete was kind enough to make recommendations to help sporting goods retailers capitalize on Twitter. First, include direct links to the products you are tweeting about. Don’t make your buyer work any harder to make the purchase; streamline the buying process and your online sales will increase. Secondly, the report confirmed what most Twitter users know – tweet early and tweet often! Retailers that tweeted consistently for twelve or more days experienced 32% more sales than their competition that tweeted less often.

Twitter is not the final piece to your retail puzzle, but it should be a big piece to your social media campaign. Outdoor retailers tend to lag behind on social media usage. Get a jump on your competition and become more socially involved. It is free to use, has one of the best ROIs, so what are you waiting on? If you have experienced success using social media, share your story with us on our Facebook page.