Sportfishing Association Urges Manufacturers to Call Congress

Last week, the trade dispute between the U.S. and China was further escalated by both sides, including another announcement by the Trump Administration to further increase tariffs on Chinese imports. President Trump recently signaled renewed interest by both sides to reach a deal. While negotiations continue under an uncertain timeframe for resolution, the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) says it is vitally important that you contact your Members of Congress and ask that they reach out to the Trump Administration on your behalf to seek exclusions for your company’s products.
Take Action

Click here for ASA’s tariff action alert, which provides step-by-step instructions, and suggested talking points, for calling the offices of your U.S. Representatives and two U.S. Senators. While ASA staff are actively working this issue on the Hill, your Members of Congress need to hear directly from you about the impacts these additional tariffs will have on your business.

Congress does not have authority over these current tariffs, but they are able to apply political pressure.

Calling is the most effective way to get your message across, so please do so today.

New Increases in Tariff Rates
Last Friday, in the latest escalation in the trade relationship between the U.S. and China, the Trump Administration announced that, beginning October 1, it would raise tariffs on Chinese goods for which tariffs are already in effect from 25% to 30%. It also announced that the 10% additional tariffs set to go into effect on September 1, will be raised to 15%. No changes were announced for the 10% additional tariffs scheduled to go in effect on December 15.

Below you will find a summary of some recreational fishing products that will be impacted by these tariffs.

A process to request product exclusions for Lists 4A and 4B is expected to be announced soon. We will continue to engage in this issue and will keep you up-to-date as the process continues.

Lists 1-3, totaling approximately $250 billion in Chinese goods, are currently subject to additional 25% tariffs, which will increase to 30% starting October 1. A public comment period will soon be announced on the increase.

List 4A includes products impacted by new 15% tariffs starting September 1, 2019, including:

  • 9507.20.40 Fish hooks, snelled
  • 9507.20.80 Fish hooks, not snelled
  • 9507.30.60 Fishing reels, valued over $8.45 each
  • 9507.30.80 Parts and accessories for fishing reels
  • 9507.90.20 Fishing line, put up and packaged for retail sale
  • 9507.90.40 Fishing casts or leaders
  • 9507.90.70 Artificial baits and flies

List 4B includes products impacted by 10% tariffs starting December 15, 2019, including:

  • 9507.10.00 Fishing rods and parts and accessories
  • 9507.30.20 Fishing reels, valued not over $2.70 each
  • 9507.30.40 Fishing reels, valued over $2.70 but not over $8.45 each
  • 9507.90.60 Fish landing nets, butterfly nets and similar nets
  • 9507.90.80 Line fishing tackle nesoi, decoy “birds” and similar hunting or shooting equipment, and parts and accessories

Please contact Government Affairs VP Mike Leonard with questions or concerns.