Speed Cinch Innovations in Tie Downs, Line Management

If you use a line or a rope to fasten, raise, secure or tie down anything, you will the Speed Cinch line. You don’t have to know how to tie a knot and there are thousands of uses for it.

The name Speed Cinch applies to three different items produced by the company. Brian Smith and Josh Lantz were in attendance at the recent SEOPA meeting and shared how they came up with the products.

They were setting around having a couple beers at a bar in Ft. Worth TX. One of their very good friends manufactures Shadow Hunter blinds, permanent ground blinds for dear hunting. Their friend indicated that he needed to create a way to hold the windows open on the blinds without using Velcro. Velcro, he explained was to loud and it scares the game. He showed the duo his original idea for line management. It was a small device he could pull the line through and cinch it up to hold the window. Unlike Velcro, it was quiet. The user can simply uncinch and let the window down slowly without noise.

“That developed into what we have now,” said Brian, “the original Speed Cinch Utility.” From there the pair immediately started sketching out other products. On that November, 2012 night in Ft. Worth, TX, they also invented the Speed Cinch® MARINE and Speed Cinch® STAKE. Less than a year later they had brought their products to market.

“Everybody that sees it wants it,” says Brian. It is a simple concept that works. You don’t have to know how to tie a knot and there are a million uses for the product. “Every time we think we have identified everything it could be used for someone comes up with a new one. Someone walks up and says I was using that to hold my gate open; I was using that to hitch my horse to a tree; I was using that for my quick release anchor rope; the list goes on and on.”

The Speed Cinch products currently include Speed Cinch® UTILITY, Speed Cinch® UTILITY MAX, Speed Cinch® MARINE and Speed Cinch® STAKE. The company reports that they have six more products based on the same concept that will be out in the first part of July, 2014.

The Original Speed Cinch® UTILITY is a durable, injection molded tie-down device that adjusts and holds the working ends of ropes, lines and cords quickly and securely without a knot!

Boaters, anglers, and waterfront lifestyle enthusiasts will find the Speed Cinch® MARINE to be an invaluable, durable, attractive, low-cost component for innovative boat mooring, rafting, fender management, and rigging applications.

Campers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and property owners will find the Speed Cinch® STAKE to be a versatile, durable, low-cost tool for anchoring tents, temporary outdoor shelters, sports nets, trees and shrubs, holiday yard decorations, and more.

The products combine to provide fast, clean, secure and adjustable tie-down for cargo management, marine rigging systems, shades and awnings, tents and shelters, sports nets, landscaping and hundreds of other applications. Original Speed Cinch® products are designed and manufactured to save time by making quick work of any line management task, allowing users to spend time doing the things they enjoy… not struggling with tangles or tying knots!

For more information, visit www.speedcinch.com.

Dealer and sales inquiries welcomed. Contact Brian Smith at 574-274-2112, or email brian@speedcinch.com.