SonarPhone Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

Minneapolis, MN— SonarPhone, a revolutionary new technology that turns your smart device into a HD touch screen sonar display just pasted a milestone in the number of app downloads at one million users since being introduced to the world almost exactly three years ago.

“This is an exciting time for our industry,” stated Tom Zenanko, Marketing Manager for Vexilar inc, Creators of the SonarPhone. “While a million downloads sounds like a lot, it is only a small percentage of the total global need. Sonarphone is sold all over the world and while here in the USA the more traditional “BOX” sonar systems are still popular, it is only a matter of time before every boat in the USA will have WiFi sonar on board. There was a time when anglers would never take their phones with them on the boat, now it is rare to find anyone WITHOUT a phone in the boat. In five years I expect to reach over 5 million app downloads of our smart device sonar.”

If you have not taken the time to see how revolutionary SonarPhone technology is, you can go the Google Play store or iOS Play store and download the: “SONARPHONE” app. This will give you a chance test drive the demo mode feature so you can see just how robust the SonarPhone technology really is.

If you are into sonar with GPS, every Navionics app and iBoating app now allows anglers looking for bathymetric charts to also have a sonar depth display using Sonarphone’s SP200 or SP300 systems. So now you can make your own lake maps in real time, check weather radar, take photos, use your phone and even watch movies all on one smart device. With over 8 BILLION smart devices in use today, the next generation of fish finder technology will be WiFi based SonarPhone technology.

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