Solar Travel Chargers from Solio

Adding to their expansive list of more than 300 outdoor manufacturers, Green Supply has introduced Solio, a cleaner, more sustainable way to provide energy and light. Solio products use renewable energy innovations that are widely and affordably available, allowing more users to “plug into the sun.”

Perfect for hikes and camping trips, the Solio Clip-Mini utilizes a solar panel and integrated rechargeable battery, keeping a light burning throughout the night. The Clip-Mini uses the clean and renewable power of the sun, completely eliminating the need of disposable batteries.

The Solio Bolt solar charger and battery pack is easy and convenient to use on the go. By using an on-board battery and rotating solar panels, the Bolt charges USB powered electronics, from smartphones to cameras.

With its large battery size, the Solio Classic2 is perfect for powering multiple devices on the go, including phones, e-readers tablets, GPS watches and more.

The Solio Xcellerator is designed to deliver a quick charge to any Solio product, even in low light conditions. As well as coming equipped with a 2000-mAh HUB battery pack, the Xcellerator can be used to charge the Clip-Mini, Bolt, and Classic2 more rapidly.

The Solio Alva is a great source of light for campsites, tents and backyards. By the connecting the Alva to any Solio solar pack (or other USB power source), the lights are able to provide light for up to 15 hours.

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