Soft Plastics Storage With The Z-Man Bait BlockZ

Ladson, SC – You already think of your boat or kayak as your unofficial office. Might as well equip your workspace with a portable filing system that secures your favorite soft plastics. All the better if your softbait storage offers organization, visibility and immediate access to that one pack of baits you need ASAP.

“It’s the best solution for storing all my bags of ElaZtech softbaits in orderly, accessible rows,” says Z-Man pro Miles “Sonar” Burghoff, referring to his new Bait BlockZ storage tote.

“As most anglers have learned, binder-style totes and standard tacklebags offer a very limited—and often, disorganized— storage space for soft plastics,” notes Burghoff.

“But if you’re picky like me and want every bag of ElaZtech baits accessible and at your fingertips, the Bait BlockZ storage system is ideal. It’s customizable and lets me isolate different bait bags in sub compartments by category: Ned rig baits like my Finesse TRDs™ in one partition, GOATs™ and creature baits in another, DieZel MinnowZ™ and other swimbaits in a third sector. Just one of these little lunchbox-sized bad boys carries at least thirty bags of ElaZtech.”

Tailor-made to precisely encase the width of standard-size 7-inch zip-lock ElaZtech—or other softbait— bags, the Bait BlockZ includes two removable Velcro dividers, yielding up to three separate, personalized bait cubicles. Bait bags stand upright, flat and orderly, easily identifiable and accessible. The Bait BlockZ supports a treasure trove of ElaZtech baits— stored in their original packages, effectively preserving their natural, original shapes without compressing them.

“Z-Man crafted the Bait BlockZ—and larger Bait LockerZ™— first and foremost, to help you finger-walk through dozens of bait packs with ease, allowing you to quickly access that hot shape and color in seconds,” notes Burghoff. “Grab a bait, slide the pack back into the rectangular bag and your baits stay organized and in tiptop shape for the longterm. Total time saver, especially sweet for staying on a frenzy bite or for those pressure-cooker tournaments.”

The Bait BlockZ converts into an easy-to-access bait fiiling system in your boat storage.

Composed from durable 600 denier waterproof fabric, the Bait BlockZ features a zippered lid with finger pulls and topside handle for easy transport. A rugged, rubberized bottom panel prevents moisture entry and grips all types of boat decks like a rubber glove.

To expand interior accommodations, a clear storage pocket isolates hooks, jigheads and accessories, while a spacious exterior mesh pocket safeguards more essentials such as tools, leader/line spools or jumbo bait bags.

Denoting a bonus benefit of the bag’s design, Burghoff drops a pro tip: “I like to place several Bait BlockZ— or XL-sized Bait LockerZ™—side-by-side in my boat’s softbait locker for a quick-access organizer. Tuck the lids under the bags so when I open the access door, I’ve got great visibility of and immediate access to every pack of baits in my boat. Everything’s easy to find and access—no rummaging— right at my fingertips. Coolest softbait organizer, ever.”

The Bait BlockZ features customizable sections for bait categorization.

Catering to kayak anglers, as well, Z-Man built the Bait BlockZ and Bait LockerZ to fit perfectly behind a kayak seat or other designated storage footprint. “My Bait BlockZ fits like it was made to sit between the backrest of my Hobie seat and the storage crate,” notes Ryan Harder, Z-Man sales manager and hardcore angler. “It’s easy to flip the bag onto my lap while I run down the lake, finger-walking through bait packs until I find the right creature bait, swimbait or jig trailer.”

“Before every tournament, I’ll go in and custom build my ElaZtech bait arsenal all over again,” offers Burghoff. “I’m running with at least 50 to 75 packs of baits—and at least three bags— in the boat at all times. It’s actually a lot less than I’d need if I were forced to fish less durable baits than super tough ElaZtech. Picking the right baits for the next event is like conducting a mini-draft of the best players; stocking your roster with a team of winners is exciting stuff, even before you hit the water.”

Z-Man’s waterproof, customizable Bait BlockZ is built to withstand the aquatic elements and organize up to 35-packs of ElaZtech baits. Sized and shaped to easily fit boat or kayak storage, the Bait BlockZ measures 13″ (L) x 7″ (W) x 6″ (H). Available at retailers everywhere or at, beginning in August. MSRP $49.99.

About Z-Man Fishing Products

A dynamic Charleston, South Carolina based company, Z-Man Fishing Products has melded leading edge fishing tackle with technology for nearly three decades. Z-Man has long been among the industry’s largest suppliers of silicone skirt material used in jigs, spinnerbaits and other lures. Creator of the Original ChatterBait®, Z-Man is also the renowned innovators of 10X Tough ElaZtech softbaits, fast becoming the most coveted baits in fresh- and saltwater. Z-Man is one of the fastest-growing lure brands worldwide.