Social Media Aides Successful Outdoor Retailers

GRAHAM, NC— Through a recent marketing survey conducted by Big Rock Sports, retailers who have kept up with the rise of social media reported high levels of success. 

Among major digital marketing tools such as a store website, conducting special events and search engine marketing, social media came out on top as the most effective marketing channel for outdoor retailers.

About the findings, Big Rock’s VP of Marketing and Customer Experience Mitch Mitchell explained, “Outdoor retailers who stay ahead of the curve with digital marketing, and especially social media, will be the ones who see the most success.”

Facebook and Instagram were the two most popular social media channels, with 86 percent of participants indicating having a Facebook page for their store. Although social media is dominating the digital marketing stage, 76 percent of retailers revealed that they also have a store website.

Other marketing trends include:

9 out of 10 outdoor retailers have a store logo

6 out of 10 offer promotional products with their store logo to customers

54 percent of retailers have a marketing plan or are creating one

Big Rock Sports customers can access the full survey results and more outdoor business-related insights via the company’s Sporting Retailer Magazine.