Sneak Peek

ICAST is here and that means the first chance for most members of the industry, whether we are on the media side or the retail side, to catch our first glimpse at new products! This year there are some real eye-openers, some must-haves and some “why didn’t I think of that’s!” Anyone who has attended ICAST before knows it can be overwhelming and the opportunity to miss a new product is always there. has attempted to help alleviate this problem. We have reached out to as many of the key manufacturers in the industry and have asked them to send us information on their new products. Many have responded and we have compiled them into a special section on our site just for you. We have dubbed this collection our ICAST Sneak Peek section and it is available for you all to go in and browse now. It will give you a chance to decide what you need to see and what you must see before you hit the show floor.

Fishing Tackle Retailer magazine is once again the title sponsor of the New Product Showcase. The New Product Showcase is the number-one reason why people attend ICAST. It houses the latest gear, accessories, lures and apparel for attendees to see before the items are unveiled to the fishing public. It is also where you can see which products won “Best of Show” for their category and for the overall show.

What products are you thinking will grab the most attention at this year’s show? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page or our LinkedIn group. Hopefully we will see you at the show.