Smith’s Introduces Bushcraft Stainless Steel 4.5-inch Blade at Shot Show

Smith’s Consumer Products – the Edge Experts since 1886 – will introduce a new Bushcraft Stainless Steel 4.5-inch blade in Booth 10327 at Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week.

Bushcraft Definition – The skill of living and thriving in the bush. Skills often used in bushcraft include hunting, fishing, building a fire or shelter, or any other survival skill needed to stay safe outdoors.

Smith’s Bushcraft Knife is a fixed-blade knife designed for bushcraft and hunting. This robust, all-purpose knife is perfect for those needing an effective tool to handle whatever task they choose to tackle. With its ergonomic design and durable construction, this bushcraft knife will quickly become your go-to blade in most outdoor situations. Whether tackling bushcraft projects like building a fire, skinning game, or preparing a shelter, the Smith’s Bushcraft Knife will be an invaluable addition to your outdoor arsenal.

Smith’s 4.5″ EdgeSport Bushcraft hunting knife is an essential tool for a variety of outdoor adventures requiring a razor-sharp 3Cr13 series stainless steel blade with an MSRP of $12.99.

The non-slip TPE soft grip, ergonomic handle, and breathable protective sheath will protect you and the knife in your pack or on your belt.

Smith’s 4.5″ EdgeSport Bushcraft Key Features:

  • Fixed 4.5″ razor-sharp stainless steel blade
  • Textured non-slip soft grip TPE ergonomic handle
  • Breathable protective sheath with belt loop
  • Essential for any outdoor adventure
  • Lightweight knife

The Smith’s Bushcraft Knife is an essential tool for any outdoorsman. Whether going on a hunting trip, camping in the woods, or mountaineering in the mountains, this razor-sharp yet lightweight knife will help you tackle whatever task comes your way.
Learn more about these and many other new offerings from The Edge Experts at Smith’s Consumer Products by visiting our new location – Booth 10327 – at Shot Show. We look forward to seeing you there!


Smith’s Consumer Products is an Arkansas-based company that traces its history to 1886. Smith’s produces the broadest line of knife and scissors sharpeners available, ranging from simple, fixed angle pull-through sharpeners for consumers that want quick and easy sharpening to sophisticated Precision Kits designed for the knife sharpening enthusiast. Our offering includes both manual and electrical sharpeners that incorporate many different abrasive materials, including diamond, carbide, ceramic, bonded synthetic abrasives, and, of course, natural Arkansas stones. Smith’s Consumer Products designs products that are appropriate for the field or gourmet kitchen.