Small Bait. Big Rumble.

Bemidji, MN  – True crankbait fans know that Northland Fishing Tackle’s Rumble Bug is the real deal when it comes to drawing strikes from walleyes, bass and jumbo panfish that are putting on the finicky act. The original 4-cm (1.57-inch) balsa body diving plug sports a small profile, tight wiggle, and the ability to take advantage of multispecies opportunities when cast around hard structure, weedlines or other cover. With a maximum diving depth of 7 feet, it’s renowned for denting local walleye stocks on the troll.

“This little puppy will catch just about anything that swims,” says Northland’s visual marketing coordinator, Sam Larsen. “Walleye, largemouth bass, bronzebacks, humpbacked yellow perch, big bluegills and crappie – they’ll all hammer this little appetizer. And that’s exactly why we’ve just added 18 great new color patterns, plus a new 5.08 cm (2″, 3/8oz.) size to explore 8- to 10- foot depths and draw the ire of larger predators focused on a more filling one-bite meal.”

Multispecies fishing guide Brian “Bro” Brosdahl is a true Rumble Bug fan. He believes these new additions provide impressive leeway when it comes to matching-the-hatch in terms of baitfish options, as well as addressing the mood of big fish swimming in pressured waters. “There are times,” Bro says, “when getting small is the surest route to scoring big and that’s where the 4-cm size can really shine. It simply excels under tough conditions including cold water, bright sunshine and heavy fishing pressure that edges predators toward a neutral feeding mode. Now the new 2-inch size can be my choice when the bite grows a bit more aggressive. It’s slightly larger profile and ability to dig a little deeper really interests trophy fish.”

All of Northland’s Rumble Series lures – which also includes the Rumble Shiner, Shad and Minnow – are handcrafted using a unique Heat Compression Molding process (HCM), as opposed to a one-piece lathing procedure. With this method, two full-length halves of the lure body are created and sealed together, allowing precision positioning of weights for optimal center of gravity, superior flotation at rest, better overall balance, longer casts, and a nice, tight action with just the right amount of roll to drive predator fish crazy.

The HCM process also allows each lure to be through-wired before being finished with a light coating of lacquer that’s strong enough to protect the body while adding almost no additional weight. Additionally, HCM manufacturing enables all Northland Rumble Series lures to track true right out of the box and emerge from the molding process to meet exacting specifications; there is no variation from one lure to another in the same size and profile. With traditional balsawood lathing methods, slight inconsistencies between one lure body and the next are fairly common. HCM production virtually eliminates this, and Northland is one of only a couple manufacturers worldwide with the technical knowhow to put this technology to use on a large-scale basis.

“Rumble Bugs have a tight yet gentle wobble,” continues Brosdahl. “Their fat, round shape bulges a lot of water to draw attention from a distance. They also cast really well on light spinning gear and are tough as nails. I like the hooks, too. The smaller version has premium, super-sharp size 5 trebles while the larger one sports size 8’s. Both will stick and hold any fish that gets close enough to give ‘em a sniff.”

With two sizes and now 33 original fish-catching artisan patterns, the Rumble Bugs allow anglers to adjust for water color and clarity, match the hatch in size, shape and color, and even factor in the mood of the bite by varying lure size and color intensity. Individually hand-tuned and tank tested, both the 4-cm and 5-cm Rumble Bugs retail for just $9.99.

ABOUT Northland® Fishing Tackle

In 1975, a young Northwoods fishing guide named John Peterson started pouring jigs and tying tackle for his clients in a small remote cabin in northern Minnesota. The lures were innovative, made with high quality components, and most importantly, were catching fish when no other baits were working! Word spread like wildfire, the phone started ringing… and the Northland Fishing Tackle® brand was in hot demand! For 40 years now, John and the Northland® team have been designing, testing and perfecting an exclusive line of products that catch fish like no other brand on the market today. Manufactured in the heart of Minnesota’s finest fishing waters, Northland® is one of the country’s leading producers of premium quality jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits and spoons for crappies, bluegills, perch, walleyes, bass, trout, northern pike and muskies.