The Skinny Stick

Skinny Stick Shallow Water Anchor for Kayaks

Tampa, FL – New to the market, a quick release kayak anchor stake, The Skinny Stick, utilizes a simple Velcro release pad as a launching device.

By releasing a Velcro tab attached to the kayak gunwale by your side, a thin, stainless steel stake is silently and instantly dropped through the water to immediately stop your kayak. Held vertically in a receiver that mounts over a scupper hole in the rear of the kayak, the stake is attached to the Velcro tab by a marine-grade nylon line. The Skinny Stick is retrieved by simply reattaching the Velcro tab to the kayak. It’s also removable for transportation and storage.

“Stealth and quick casting are important in kayak fishing, and I wanted a stake that stayed ready, in a vertical position, so I could drop it instantly and silently and not spook the fish,” says John Phillips, Tampa native and The Skinny Stick inventor. “So I created The Skinny Stick and I’ve been using it with success for over five years, from the limestone and rocky Nature Coast to grass flats and mangrove backwaters in west central Florida. Now it’s available to other kayak users.”

The Skinny Stick

The Skinny Stick can be viewed online at or in stores at Osprey Bay Outdoors in Clearwater, FL and Canoe Country Outfitters in St. Petersburg, FL. For more information, visit the website or email John at Follow the Skinny Stick on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Patent Pending.