See Fish More Clearly Than You’ve Ever Imagined

When it comes to selecting the very best multifunction display on the market, the choice is clear! The Simrad® NSO evo3 navigation system, is the premier integrated display solution for larger cruising and sportfishing boats. With a beautiful touchscreen, six-panel split screen display, power galore and all new FishReveal™ Smart Target View technology, the NSO evo3 has it all!

One of the most revolutionary innovations in sonar technology to hit the market this year is FishReveal. A massive leap forward in fish-finding technology, FishReveal allows anglers to quickly and easily discover how fish orient themselves in and around cover and structure, with clearly defined fish arches. Unlike traditional CHIRP sonar views that provide strong fish targets but lack refined structure detail, or DownScan Imaging™ that provides photo-like images of bottom and structure details but show fish targets as tiny dots; FishReveal Smart Target Viewing combines the best data from both technologies, eliminating the need for split-screen viewing and interpretation.

In addition to powerful fishfinding technology, the NSO evo3 is designed to simplify installation. Preserving the power and flexibility that make the NSO series the perfect solution for customizing a system for larger cruising and sportfishing vessels, the NSO evo3 can connect to Simrad premium network modules and add GPS, autopilot, keypad controllers and other accessories to create the ideal vessel-wide system. The low-profile glass bridge styling of NSO evo3 complements any helm design, from ultra-modern to timeless classic. Offering the perfect combination of form and function, NSO evo3 allows users to create custom helm layouts to suit any activity. 

NSO evo3 includes a true, high-definition display (1920 x 1080) that puts users in total control of on-board electronics through an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. The bright, multi-touch display features unbeatable clarity and can be viewed from any angle, even when wearing polarized sunglasses, and supports up to a six-panel, split-screen layout. The display is powered by a high-performance iMX6 quad-core processor that takes responsiveness to a new level with quicker chart redraws, the fastest updates and instant response to every tap of the touchscreen. NSO evo3 can easily power current Simrad system technology like Halo™ Pulse Compression Radar, the S5100 CHIRP sounder module, ForwardScan™ forward-looking sonar and StructureScan® 3D sonar imaging, with power to spare for any future high-performance innovations. 

The NSO evo3 can connect to smartphones, tablets and internet hotspots with integrated wireless connectivity, features advanced networking – including HMDI input/output, OP50 support, plus direct connection and control of audio, autopilot and NMEA 2000® and J1939 engines. 

Available in 16-, 19- and 24-inch integrated displays, NSO evo3 displays can be purchased independently or as part of a system kit, which comes with everything needed to build a glass helm system, including a GPS antenna, chart card reader, NMEA 2000® Starter Kit and OP50 Remote Controller. The OP50 provides keypad control of up to six separate displays, perfect for a multi-display helm layout.

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