Silver Bells and Silver Linings

Bah, humbug! How do you stay “happy” in this lousy pandemic environment? Many stores and restaurants are forced to close, the public is nervous and jumpy, and many people simply cannot get into the holiday spirit. Traditional forms of advertising and promotion cannot be used and “glum” seems to be the condition of the day.

But on the other hand, lots of people welcome the coming holiday period and cherish the gift giving season. Therein lies the opportunity. As it is said, where’s there’s a will, there is a way; just look around.

For years now, the sporting goods and fishing tackle retailers have entered the online world somewhat tepidly. Some had websites, some didn’t. Some were good and some were less than stellar. But all that is starting to change. And for the aggressive tackle dealers, the sales curve is headed north.

But it’s now December of 2020, consumers are willing and anxious to embrace the holidays and are doing so with renewed online purchasing. In fact, online sales have skyrocketed by 25% thus far in 2020 while brick and mortar sales are projected to decline by -2.5% in 2021* (*as projected by Kiplinger Finance Magazine). 

And another positive signal is the U.S. Stock Market which has been on an upwards curve for months. This is significant because typically the stock market is a forward looking metric. In light of the tremendous gains in the stock market, this bodes well for the holiday season and in 2021.

Part of this aggressive growth in online sales for fishing tackle is simply increased familiarity with the process and partly because the public wants less face to face interaction while making gift purchases. Additionally, the seniors are now much more amenable to internet based purchasing. 

Thus, there seems to be a diamond in the rubble of the marketplace; it’s online sales just waiting to be harvested by savvy tackle retailers. If brick and mortar sales are lagging, then go all out with marketing via the internet and social media. Just get out of your comfort zone and promote via the net with total abandonment. Then listen to the register ringing.

All retailers, regardless of what products they sell, must recognize that a monumental shift in how and when consumers are making their purchases. If you, as a tackle retailer, have not embraced this opportunity with 100% gusto, now is the time to jump on board and start ringing up the big bucks! Now go sell some fishing tackle!