Shimano’s Redesigned TwinPower XD Overpowers Fish in Tough Conditions

Carter Andrews is consumed by saltwater fishing. Host of the aptly titled “The Obsession of Carter Andrews” television show, Andrews travels the world to do battle with briny adversaries: squaring off against swordfish, tackling tenacious tuna, and manhandling marauding marlin. But on a recent day, Andrews was in Florida’s Everglades National Park, quietly prowling the shallows. This is a magical place, filled with mangroves, alligators, and the 20-pound snook Andrews was chasing. “Things can go sideways quickly here,” notes Andrews, “so your equipment has to meet each challenge and exceed every expectation – and this new reel from Shimano does that and more!”

Meet the Shimano TwinPower XD, designed with an eye toward strength and sensitivity and engineered to dominate the inshore environment. The TwinPower XD is the toughest model in Shimano’s Magnumlite lineup of spinning reels, and Shimano engineers packed this reel with premium technologies for the dedicated inshore angler.

“My first impression after taking TwinPower XD out of the box,” continues Andrews, “was that it has a deep, rich, striking blue color with silver accents; it’s a true eye-catcher. Then you pick it up and hold it — now you can feel the quality. The reel is a pleasure to hold and use; everything about it, from the gears to its weight and balance, are premium.”

The TwinPower XD’s Magnumlite (MGL) Rotor provides light, sensitive rotation for ultra-fast line pickup and increased lure control in high-wind conditions. The MGL Rotor represents the result of rethinking conventional rotor design by moving the bail return mechanism from the line roller side to the mounting cam side. This reduces the overall weight of the rotor and makes it easier to start and stop the retrieve with purpose and precision.

“The Magnumlite Rotor is one of the big advantages of the TwinPower XD,” notes Andrews, “and you’ll experience that advantage when battling big fish. Let’s say you’re hooked up with a big bull red and he’s peeling line against the drag. When he finally stops, he’s worn himself out and his head is turned, and now it’s your turn to start regaining line and bringing that fish in. With the Magnumlite Rotor, there’s no inertia to overcome while the gears get seated with each other. When it’s time to gain line, it’s immediate and effortless.”

Shimano’s cold-forged HAGANE Gear is at the heart of every TwinPower XD, ensuring smooth feel and function over years of use – and inshore abuse. No cutting work is applied to the teeth of the HAGANE Gear drive, but rather, the entire surface is formed using Shimano’s exclusive cold-forging technology. The result is resilience.

Shimano’s MicroModule Gear II technology further enhances the performance of the TwinPower XD to deliver refined, ultra-smooth reeling. MicroModule II Gear creates a smooth retrieve with an entirely new gear set that uses smaller teeth and more of them. This provides additional contact points between the pinion and drive gears, delivering a smoother and more efficient gear train. Anglers will notice the difference that MicroModule Gear II technology delivers with smoother gear operation and reduced sound.

An aluminum HAGANE Body encases each TwinPower XD for increased rigidity and power transmission. Body flexing is virtually eliminated within the HAGANE framework, transforming angler actions directly into cranking power and delivering efficiency through strength. “The HAGANE Body gives me the confidence to fish the TwinPower XD with maximum drag during extreme conditions,” asserts Andrews, “knowing that the reel is still going to perform at a level that ensures my success.”

Every inshore trip takes place in a demanding, corrosive environment that exploits lany weaknesses. The Shimano X-Protect system stands guard against the elements, providing the TwinPower XD with long-lasting performance and durability. By combining water-repellent coatings with a water-channeling, labyrinth construction, X-Protect delivers high-level water resistance without sacrificing performance.

“From the time I made my cast and closed the bail until the hook set, I have the ultimate control of the lure. From an anglers standpoint, you have confidence with this reel – it all comes together. In this day and age of technology, I can fish a 3000-series Twinpower XD 3000 with 20-pound braid and target snook in 20-pound range, and fight that fish with confidence. Shimano’s testing the limits of what a reel can do and they are winning,” added Andrews.

The new TwinPower XD is available in three sizes to suit every inshore target. Choose the 3000 series (TPXDC300XGFA), with its 6.4:1 gear ratio, a max drag rating of 20 pounds, and room for up to 140 yards of 20-pound test PowerPro when an afternoon of speckled trout fishing is on the agenda. When the big dogs have come to rumble, step up to the 4000 or 5000-series (TPXDC400XGFA or TPXDC500XGFA) sporting 6.2:1 gear ratios, max drag ratings of 24 pounds, and capacity for up to 185 yards of 40-pound test PowerPro. Shimano TwinPower XD reels will be available soon, with MSRP of $449.99 to $479.99.

Twin Power XD brings heavy-duty performance in one of the lightest, smoothest and sharpest looking platforms available on the market today. Feel free to judge this book by its cover, its performance more than lives up to the visual appeal of this marvel of modern sportfishing engineering!


  • MGL Rotor
  • MicroModule Gear II
  • HAGANE Gear
  • HAGANE Body (Al)
  • X-Protect
  • X-Shield
  • X-Rigid Rotor
  • SilentDrive
  • Rigid Support Drag
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • One-Piece Bail (Ti)
  • CI4+ (Handle Knob)
  • Aero Wrap II
  • S A-RB
  • IPX8 Water Resistant Body
  • Propulsion Line Management System S A-RB

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