Shimano School Goes Deep on Striped Bass

Shimano School returns on Tuesday, May 25 with another informative and entertaining event. JP DeRose hosts these live streaming video seminars, featuring compelling topics and special guests from across the spectrum of the fishing world. Events are scheduled every two weeks and stream live on the Shimano Facebook Page as well as the Shimano North America’s YouTube Channel.

“The Shimano School seminars are designed to connect our consumers and fishing fans with some of the industry’s best anglers,” notes DeRose. “We cover topics and fisheries from across North America, including freshwater, inshore, nearshore and offshore bites. From springtime bass techniques and trolling for Great Lakes walleye, to chasing Florida snook and deep-dropping the Northeast canyons, we really try to cover the whole gamut.”

In this week’s Shimano School, Captain Jack Sprengel opens his playbook on the Atlantic striped bass fishery. A highly respected charter captain at East Coast Charters in Rhode Island, Sprengel has spent years patterning these anadromous predators, and will discuss the tools and tactics he relies on to land trophy stripers, including the Teramar XX Northeast, TwinPower SW, and Coltsniper Splash Walk. This is a Shimano School that every saltwater angler will enjoy.

“This week’s Shimano School will be a no-holds-barred event,” notes Sprengel. “We’re going to cover the Northeast’s explosive spring striped bass fishery, now in full swing. JP and I will talk in detail about techniques, what’s happening right now and what to expect as we move into June. I’m also going to give our viewers a peek behind the curtain, and reveal how the most exciting new advances in sportfishing tech from Shimano will help us all catch more fish this season.”

Make plans to attend Shimano School this season. Viewers are invited to post questions to the Facebook and YouTube live streams, and Sprengel and DeRose will provide the answers needed to unlock the Northeast’s striped bass fishery. Shimano School is in session starting at 8 PM EST on Tuesday May 25.

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