Shimano Reveals The Butterfly SHIMMERFALL Jig

Vertical jigging is an exceptionally productive method for triggering saltwater predators. From chasing bottom fish to supersized pelagics anywhere in the water column, jigging with a vertical jig is a classic technique that belongs in every saltwater angler’s repertoire. Shimano now introduces a highly refined member of its Butterfly jig family – the SHIMMERFALL – that is designed specifically to facilitate jigging in deep water and heavy current, helping anglers catch more and bigger fish on every trip.

The Shimano SHIMMERFALL has a more slender design than other Shimano Butterfly Jigs, allowing it to quickly cut through the water and reach the bottom quicker. With SHIMMERFALL, anglers can fish with a lighter jig than typically required to reach depths, reducing angler fatigue over a long day on the water. That same slender profile allows SHIMMERFALL to defeat heavy current that would sweep other jigs out of the strike zone. The SHIMMERFALL’s tapered edges make the jig come to life as anglers fish it through the water column, driving aggressive bites from bottom fish and pelagics alike.

“The SHIMMERFALL is a unique jig because it is extremely versatile,” notes Shimano pro angler Benny Ortiz, pioneer of the slow-pitch jigging technique. “When fished as a slow-pitch jig, the angled edges of the SHIMMERFALL catch the water, causing it to fall flat and horizontally instantly. This is the ideal position to trigger strikes from predatory gamefish because it imitates a wounded or dying baitfish. SHIMMERFALL is longer and more slender than other jigs, so it falls extremely fast on the initial drop. This lets anglers use a lighter-weight jig even in deep water or high current situations. When rigged and fished as a speed jig, it has the least water resistance of any jig that I’ve fished, so anglers can quickly and effortlessly retrieve the jig through the water column, creating the fast darting action of a fleeing baitfish to attract bottom fish and pelagics alike.”

“The beauty of the SHIMMERFALL is that there are no limitations in the species that an angler can target,” continues Ortiz. “The key is matching the jig weight to the conditions of the day, using lighter models while in shallower water or in low current situations, while looking to heavier models in deeper water or higher current situations. The SHIMMERFALL has successfully taken pelagics – including multiple species of tuna – as well as demersal fish such as snapper, grouper, porgies, seabass and all fish in the jack family.”

Violent strikes from oversized saltwater predators are tough on gear, as the primal fight-or-flight instincts of hooked fish that test both tackle and angler mettle. The Shimano SHIMMERFALL is engineered with through-wire construction to withstand these tests, providing the lure with increased durability and strength. Anglers will appreciate the benefits of SHIMMERFALL’s robust through-wire construction every time the lure descends toward the predators lurking below.

Ortiz offers several specific tackle recommendations when presenting the Shimano SHIMMERFALL jig. “When SHIMMERFALL is fished as a slow-pitch jig, use the Game Type Slow J or Grappler Type Slow J rods, depending on the angler’s preference. I recommend pairing the rod with an Ocea Jigger 2000 HG or PG, or with a Torium 16HG or PG model. Spool the reel with 20 or 30-pound-test PowerPro or select Depth-Hunter line to target suspended fish. A personal favorite is 30 or 40-pound-test PowerPro Maxcuatro; the 25% thinner diameter of this line means I can spool more line on my reels. Generally, I use a 50 or 60-pound-test fluorocarbon leader for this application.

“On the other hand, when I fish SHIMMERFALL as a speed jig, I recommend the Game Type J or Grappler Type J, either in conventional or spinning depending on the angler’s preference. For speed jigging with conventional tackle, I use the Ocea Jigger 2000 in HG or PG, a Talica 12 or 16, or Torium 16 in HG or PG. When using spinning gear, I select a Saragosa SW, TwinPower SW or Stella SW reel in the appropriate size, spooling with 50 or 65-pound-test PowerPro and finished with a 60 to 80-pound-test fluorocarbon leader.”

The Shimano SHIMMERFALL jig is available in four weights – 100 g, 140 g, 170 g and 210 g – to accommodate a wide range of fishing situations. Six color patterns – Blue Pink, Chartreuse White, Sand Eel, Blue Sardine, Pink Glow and Squid – and a biomimetic eye trigger strikes wherever SHIMMERFALL is fished. Some SHIMMERFALL models also feature Shimano’s exclusive SCALE BOOST technology, which mimics the realistic patterns of baitfish scales by utilizing an industry-exclusive composite-pitch hologram, increasing the amount and complexity of light reflected through the water. Look for SHIMMERFALL at Shimano-authorized dealers with an MSRP of $11.99 to $17.99.

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