Shimano Launches 100th Anniversary Recognition

LADSON, S.C. – 100 years in business. It’s a great accomplishment for any company, and no matter the problems the world is currently facing, it still calls for some celebration and recognition. Leading up to its 100th anniversary in March 2021, Shimano Inc., the Sakai City, Japan-based parent company for Shimano North American Fishing, Inc., has activated a special teaser web site — to commemorate the dreams of company founder Shozaburo Shimano and the products and technology it has brought to recreational fishing.

Within the web site and leading up to the launch of Shimano’s official centennial site on March 24, 2021, the company will showcase two products every month – both from its bicycle components operations and fishing tackle, to trace the history of innovation Shimano has brought to the market. Currently, on the fishing side, visitors to the web site can read about the Shimano DUX, the first fishing reel made by the company in 1970 and the start of its second pillar of business after bicycle components.

The site also introduces Shimano’s special 100th anniversary logo where the light green, blue and deep blue colors within it represent land, sky, and sea, all focused on Shimano’s mission: ‘To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.’

The special web site allows anglers to view more than a hundred photos showing Shimano customers and Team members from around the world enjoying Shimano-brand fishing tackle and riding bicycles equipped with Shimano components. More will be added throughout the next year.