Shimano Exsence Delivers Peak Performance for Inshore Anglers

Ladson, South Carolina —What fills your dreams on frigid winter nights? Perhaps it’s bull reds – or gator trout – or muscular stripers – or bountiful bonito. Few events warm the blood and set the heart racing like powerful hooksets and drag-peeling runs encountered when pursuing these inshore monarchs. 

When up against the best, anglers – and their equipment – must be at their best. Built to provide peak performance for all inshore applications, the new Shimano Exsence represents a masterful blend of technology and intelligent design, while embracing the perfect balance of lightweight feel and durability in Shimano’s lineup of MagnumLite series of reels. Exsence truly is the ultimate inshore spinning reel. 

Exsence stands at the pinnacle of performance within Shimano’s MagnumLite series of reels, equipped with the revolutionary MagnumLite (MGL) Rotor and engineered to optimize the balance between weight and durability. Thanks to a completely new approach to rotor design, the MagnumLite rotor provides a 14% weight reduction in conjunction with vastly improved balance that ensures low rotor inertia and rapid reel response every time anglers turn the handle.

New for 2021, Exsence provides enhanced cranking power and silky-smooth operation with Shimano’s HAGANE Gear and MicroModule Gear II. The cold-forged HAGANE Gear is more dense and durable than machine-cut or die-cast gears, providing supreme durability. MicroModule Gear II technology represents the culmination of an exacting refinement of every gear surface and tooth, delivering effortless operation with minimum sound. 

Exsence delivers the ultimate in fish-fighting flexibility with its on-board Rapid Fire Drag system, perfect for situations when anglers need to adjust the reel’s drag force rapidly. The Rapid Fire Drag technology is especially effective for anglers finesse fishing with light line where a high drag setting can be used for the hookset and then quickly decreased when fighting the fish.

Shimano designed the Exsence reel body to optimize reel performance while minimizing angler effort and fatigue. Exsence is encased within the light – yet extremely rigid – HAGANE Body to eliminate flex and deliver maximum reeling efficiency and power transmission. At the same time, the reel’s all-magnesium HAGANE Body construction makes Exsence lighter for reduced fatigue without sacrificing performance. Shimano’s X-Protect technology guards Exsence from the corrosive effects of saltwater intrusion and provides added protection while fighting fish in the toughest of conditions. By combining exclusive repellent coatings with unique, water channeling, labyrinth construction, X-Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing the silky-smooth operation that anglers expect from Shimano.

Arriving this spring to tackle retailers, the two new Exsence models are ready to elevate the inshore fishing experience to an entirely new level. When hunting for gator trout or a throng of flounder, choose the EXSC3000MHG (MSRP $539.99) with its 6.0:1 gear ratio, 11+1 ball bearings, 20-pound max drag and capacity for 150 yards of 10-pound test PowerPro. For bull reds in the marsh or bonito on the rocks, step up to the EXS4000MXG (MSRP $549.99), with a higher gear ratio for faster retrieves, room for 110 yards of 30-pound test PowerPro on the spool, and an even more powerful drag system to halt powerful runs and bring more fish to hand. Learn more about Exsence by visiting

The new Shimano Exsence embodies dynamic performance within Shimano’s MagnumLite series of reels and stands ready to elevate a great day on the water into one of epic proportions. Add Exsence to your inshore arsenal today!