Shimano Expands on Torium Reel Family

The Shimano Torium is a lightweight, precision-engineered, star-drag saltwater reel that excels in live bait and bottom-fishing applications. Torium’s lineup of versatile sizes allows anglers to find the perfect model to fit their exact needs, with three new reels introduced for 2021. Whether targeting reef fish on the bottom, jigging or chasing Ulua from the rocks in Hawaii, these new Torium reels have the fish-fighting features that anglers count on when it matters most.

“Shimano engineered Torium for the way that we fish on the West Coast and in the Pacific – with casting gear and conventional tackle,” notes Capt. Ben Florentino of Long Beach, California-based Coastal Charters. “We leverage Torium’s power and performance for everything from calico bass to jacks and tuna, and it also shines for the unique giant trevally — or ulua — bite in the Hawaiian Islands.”

Torium’s power and fishability are rooted in its body: A rigid, all-metal HAGANE Body encases Torium, delivering both stiffness and impact resistance. Anglers’ actions are transformed directly into cranking power because the HAGANE body eliminates reel flex. In addition, Torium’s S-Compact Body design provides anglers with all-day comfort by reducing the size of the palming sideplate, making it easier for anglers to control hooked fish in critical situations. “When a client hooks up on a big snapper or jack down deep,” reflects Florentino, “Torium’s body design and rigidity helps us to land that fish quickly and keep it away from the sharks circling below. That reel is a big confidence booster!”

Shimano’s HEG – High Efficiency Gearing – further reinforces and strengthens Torium. By increasing the sizes of drive and pinion gears, Shimano provides Torium with increased leverage and power. In addition, the union of a one-piece frame that incorporates the setplate with a one-piece stamped sideplate eliminates flex in the drivetrain that would cause standard gears to bind under pressure. With High Efficiency Gearing, Shimano provides Torium with an incredible amount of torque and the capacity for high-speed retrieves while delivering smooth, reliable operation.

“Anglers chasing ulua from the cliffs and beaches of the Hawaiian Islands launch long-distance casts to reach the fish,” remarks Florentino, “and Torium’s Super Free Spool provides the exceptionally long casts required to hit the target zone.” In a standard casting reel, when an angler depresses the clutch bar in preparation for a cast, the pinion gear is freed and can rub on the spool shaft, creating friction and limiting casting distance. With Super Free Spool, a ball bearing maintains perfect alignment between the pinion gear and spool shaft after the clutch is disengaged, eliminating friction and enabling long casts. Now, every ulua is within range.

Torium’s Cross Carbon Drag stands ready to bring supersized saltwater targets to hand. Designed to endure and conquer blistering runs and the most powerful adversaries, the Cross Carbon Drag system delivers 30 to 35 pounds of drag to overpower hooked wahoo, ulua, tuna and reef fish. Each Torium also includes shielded anti-rust bearings (S-ARB), designed to prevent salt or sand from contacting the bearings, providing a lifetime of reliable service under harsh marine conditions.

Three new members of the lightweight, powerful Torium family are now available. Select the 40PG (TOR40PGA) with its 3.9:1 gear ratio and 35 pounds of drag to winch in supersized reef fish and other bottom-dwelling targets. The Torium 40HG (TOR40HGA), with its higher 5.1:1 gear ratio and 31 pounds of drag, is a versatile conventional reel for stand-up fishing. Finally, ulua anglers will gravitate toward the Torium 50 (TOR50HGA), which features a 5.1:1 gear ratio, 31 pounds of drag, and room for up to 470 yards of 50 pound-test monofilament line. These new Torium reels are available now from authorized Shimano dealers with an MSRP of $349.99.


  • HAGANE Body
  • S-Compact Body
  • HEG
  • Super Free Spool
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • S A-RB

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