Stella SW spinning reel

Shimano Brings New Showcse Status to Stella

IRVINE, Calif. – Spring/Summer 2013 Introduction – Inshore or offshore, from dorado and stripers to tuna and giant trevally, Shimano offers its most innovative technologies – collectively the ‘SW-X Concept’ – in its new generation Stella SW spinning reels. With fish-catching and construction features to handle nearly any gamefish swimming in the world’s oceans, the Stella SW (STL) includes 12 models – the STL-5000SWXG, 5000SWHG, 6000SWHG, 6000SWPG, 8000SWHG, 8000SWPG, 10000SWPG, the ‘Cape Cod Canal jigging special’ 14000SWXG, 18000SWHG, 20000SWPG, and a true spinning reel built to tackle Bluefin tuna – the STL-30000SW.

• Stella ‘SW-X Concept’
With the Stella SW reels and the ‘SW-X Concept,’ we “bring together power, rigidity, toughness, drag performance and water resistance,” says Robby Gant with Shimano’s global development team, “into a fish-fighting platform that is unparalleled to any spinning reel on the market. We defined the new technologies needed to provide unique features – it all comes together through a high-level integration of power and smoothness so anglers have no limits in what they can pursue.”

The SW-X Concept focuses on the retrieving power, the toughness and the strength needed when are you fighting a big fish, and durability qualities to withstand the at-times harsh saltwater fishing environment. “The gears are the core of the reels, and we’re able to increase cranking power with advanced X-Ship Technology for enhanced power transmission through the gear,” Gant explains. “Shimano’s ‘gear engineering’ has been the key in becoming an industry leader in fishing reels worldwide, and with the gears in Stella SW, you’re able to put maximum pressure on the fish.”

Next with the concept is X-Rigid Construction. “When you tell anglers a reel has what is needed to handle the power of yellowfin and Bluefin tuna, we’re able to stand behind that with the material we us in the frame, rotor, bail and handle,” said Gant. “This supports the increased power from X-Ship by eliminates any reel stiffness or distortion.”

At the heart of the Stella SW aluminum body is X-Rigid Gears. From a cold-forged barrier gear 20-percent thicker than previous plus a proprietary surface coating, Shimano combines two technologies to create a gear 38-percent stronger. “It simply what we needed to handle all the increased retrieve power anglers will experience with Stella SW,” Gant notes.

In designing X-Tough Drag, Gant said the global team started with the standard assumption the drag performance had to anticipate the needed enhanced smoothness, control and toughness of the vigorous speed of Bluefin tuna and GT’s. “We incorporate large diameter drag washers at the spool base for stability – and smooth and consistence performance throughout the fight,” said Gant, “plus a new coiled wave spring for fine tune adjustments even at maximum drag. It’s the toughest and most durable drag system Shimano has ever offered.”

All the technology and high performance level of the Stella SW series is secure with X-Shield, which places sealing gaskets in 12 critical locations throughout each reel, plus Shimano’s X-Protect three-lipped rubber seal system for further water resistance. “The first lip in our for proprietary design keeps low pressure water out, while the grease between the second and third lips resists high pressure water,” Gant explains. “We’re able to enhance smooth rotor rotation, plus we seal the roller clutch – a key location for water intrusion.”

• Reel Specifics
The Stella SW Series offers three 5000 sizes reels – each able to handled up to 175-yards of 40-pound test PowerPro braid or 165-yards of 14-pound test mono. The 5000SWXG retrieves in 41-inches of line per crank with a 6.2:1 gear ratio, the fast speed needed for dorado, seabass and yellowtail. The 5.7:1 gear ratio 5000SWHG retrieves 38-inches of line for versatile use and the ideal speed for jigging. The 5000SWPG is for slow jigging use with its 4.6: gear ratio pulling in 31-inches of line per crank.

The 6000SWHG – 5.7:1 gear ratio retrieving 41-inches per crank – provides fast control over big fish like dorado and also ideal for onshore yellowtail jigging; while the SW6000PG has the slow to medium speed settings – 4.6:1 gear ratio pulling in 33-inches – for inshore jigging. Both these reels have the capacity for up to 155-yards of 65-pound PowerPro or 120-yards of 20-pound test mono.

Primarily for jigging, the 8000 size Stella SW reels hold up to 195 yards of 65-pound PowerPro or 185 yards of 20-pound test mono. The 8000SWHG – with a 5.6:1 gear ratio to retrieve in 42-inhces of line per crank – can target yellowtail and kingfish, plus casting for big dorado and amberjack. The 8000SWPG cranks in 37-inches of line with a 4.9:1 gear ratio, a versatile speed for inshore jigging and torque-focuses slower action.

Target a wide range of powerful species like big amberjack with the Stella 10000SWPG. It as a 4.9:1 gear ratio to retrieve in 40-inches of line per crank, and can handle up to 215 yards of 80-pound PowerPro or 220 yards of 20-pound mono.

Cape Cod Canal anglers received special focus within the Stella SW series with 14000SWXG. “With this model, we combine easy handling, durability and high speed – and the capacity to handle 295 yards of 65-pound test PowerPro,” Gant said. Along with shore jigging for big stripers, it’s also ideal to target tuna with our Orca pencil lures, or for destination anglers heading to Baja Mexico for big roosterfish.” The reel has a 6.2:1 gear ratio to pull in 53-inches of line per crank.

The 18000SWHG is all about jigging with control over a large area – or pursuing monster GT and kingfish. It has 5.7:1 gear ratio pulling in 51-inches of line per crank. Spool capacity can handle up to 360 yards of 80-pound PowerPro or 280-yards of 30-pound test mono.

For true blue water action, the Stella SW series offers the 20000SWPG and 30000SW, both with 4.4:1 gear ratios. Anglers can power jig for huge AJ’s and tuna with the 20000SWPG – it holds up to 305 yards of 100-pound test PowerPro or 320 yards of 30-pound test mono. With the power needed to cope with monster-size tuna, the 30000SW – the largest, most powerful spinning reel every made by Shimano – can pull in 52-inches of line per crank and have the capacity to handle up 570 yards of 100-test PowerPro.

• Bringing It Together
By combining power and speed, toughness and smoothness, Shimano’s SW-X Concept technologies “brings the needed features to a spinning reels series that can be used in nearly every saltwater fishing situation,” adds Gant. “As anglers have expected from our Stella reels over the years, it’s the best Shimano can do – yet we will always strive to do it even better.”

Stella SW spinning reel

Stella SW Suggested Retail:
STL-5000SWHG, 5000SW0HG, 5000SWPG, 60000SWHG, 60000SWPG – $1059.99
STL-8000SWHG, 8000SWPG, 10000SWPG, 14000SWPG – $1159.99
STL-18000SWHG, 20000SWPG – $1259.99
STL-SW30000 – $1419.99