Share Your Voice

In just a few days (October 9-12) I’ll be attending the American Sportfishing Association Sportfishing Summit in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is a beautiful city, and I was glad to see that it was spared most of the impact of Hurricane Florence.

One reason I’m excited to be going to the Summit this year is because I was recently appointed to the Trade Show Committee and consider it to be one of the most important and valuable advisory groups within ASA.

For my appointment, I want to thank ASA Chairman of the Board Kirk Immens (an outstanding leader in our industry who has done a magnificent job in his role as chairman — he leaves big shoes to fill) and ASA President Glenn Hughes. The new position is a big deal to me and to FTR.

Though I’ve attended many Trade Show Committee meetings through the years, this will be my first time with a seat at the table.

I plan to use it.

ICAST is a great show, but there’s lots of room for improvement. FTR has been a catalyst for that in the past, and we’ll continue to advocate for progress. The industry needs every advantage it can get.

I want you to know and feel and believe that I represent you — my fellow industry professionals — at the Summit and particularly on the Trade Show Committee. To do that most effectively, though, I need to hear from you — especially from you retailers, but from manufacturers and media as well.

What do you like about ICAST? What could be better?

Several months have passed since the last show, so things may not be all that fresh in your mind, but what sticks with you? What was the most salient aspect of your 2018 ICAST experience?

And if you did not attend ICAST this year, why not? Actually, despite the fact that the show set attendance records, the odds are that you were not there. Maybe you felt your interests were being adequately represented in some other way. Maybe the trip is too expensive. Maybe the timing is bad for you. Maybe you need something more or something different from the show in order to make it worthwhile.

Whatever your reason or whatever your comment, I’d like to hear it. And I want you to consider me your voice on the Trade Show Committee. After all, without all of you, FTR wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t be there.

You can reach me at Do me a favor and put “Summit” in the subject line so I’ll know what it’s about. And if we haven’t met, tell me a little bit about you. Are you a retailer, a wholesaler, a manufacturer, a media person? How many ICASTs have you attended? When were you last there?

I promise to read every one of your emails and to study your comments. They will give me a better feel for the pulse of our industry as well as what you want and need from ICAST.

I can’t guarantee that your issue or concern will be resolved this year — or ever. (I’m just one person and one vote on an advisory committee.) I can only promise that if you contact me, it will be considered, and I’ll do all I can to help.

If you do not contact me, I can only guess at your challenges.

I’m not expecting an avalanche of emails, but I’d honestly welcome it. As managing editor of FTR, I’m looking for ways to help retailers and the fishing industry. For that I need your help.

The Summit starts on Tuesday, October 9.