Known for its durable components and stylish looks, the Centennial antenna line from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group marries quality products with economical prices. Whether fitting out a new boat or replacing an older VHF antenna, owners can choose from three popular Centennial models to suit their needs.

Shakespeare offers two 8′, 6db gain Centennial VHF antennas: the standard 5101, and the collinear phased, 5/8-wave 5102. Where a shorter antenna is needed, the 4′, 3db gain 5104 Centennial VHF model fits nicely.

All three antennas feature a smooth, high-gloss polyurethane finish that won’t yellow in the sun. Brass and copper elements deliver superior performance. Each comes with a chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1″-14 threads, 15′ of RG-58 cable, and a PL-259 connector.

Shakespeare’s 5101 Centennial VHF antenna has a suggested retail price of $104.95, while the 5102 model costs $145.95, and the 5104 antenna is $95.95. Recommended Style 4187 and 5187 Ratchet Mounts are available separately.


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