Shakespeare Offers New VHF Antennas

Known for its durable components and stylish looks, the Centennial antenna line from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group marries quality products with economical prices. Whether fitting out a new boat or replacing an older VHF antenna, owners can choose from three popular Centennial models to suit their needs.

Shakespeare offers two 8′, 6db gain Centennial VHF antennas: the standard 5101, and the collinear phased, 5/8-wave 5102. Where a shorter antenna is needed, the 4′, 3db gain 5104 Centennial VHF model fits nicely.

All three antennas feature a smooth, high-gloss polyurethane finish that won’t yellow in the sun. Brass and copper elements deliver superior performance. Each comes with a chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1″-14 threads, 15′ of RG-58 cable, and a PL-259 connector.

Shakespeare’s 5101 Centennial VHF antenna has a suggested retail price of $104.95, while the 5102 model costs $145.95, and the 5104 antenna is $95.95. Recommended Style 4187 and 5187 Ratchet Mounts are available separately.


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