Secure Your Tackle with the NEW Lure Lock Roll-Up

ETTRICK, WI – Lure Lock, makers of the revolutionary tackle box system featuring their patented Tak Logic Gel technology, is pleased to introduce the Roll-Up storage system.  New for 2021, the Roll-Up allows anglers to effectively store lures, tools, and other gear in a whole new manner. The Roll-Up’s unique design is able to be stored in any position, while keeping the contents firmly secured and held in place with the Tak Logic GEL. 

Whether you are hopping into your buddy’s fishing boat, walking the bank to find that secluded fishing spot, or simply need your favorite lures ready to go for easy access, you can be confident that the NEW Lure Lock Roll-Up will have your baits secured in place.  Simply place your favorite lures on the Tak Logic Technology GEL, roll it up, and you are ready to go.  No lost lures, no tangles, no mess.  Quick, simple, and clean access to your gear.  

The Roll-Up Bag is easy to clean should dirt, sand or fish slime get on it and the Tak Logic Technology GEL will NOT leave any residue or odor on your favorite fishing lures.

Constructed using rugged, crystal clear polyurethane and the patented Lure Lock GEL, the Roll-Up Bag is light weight, easy to carry, and takes up little space. 

Key Features:

  • The Lure Lock Roll-Up Bag can be rolled up and stored vertically (or in any direction), holding all your baits in place
  • Cleanable & Reusable
  • Will not leave residue behind
  • Light weight, easy to carry, and can fit into small places
  • Clear hook shield to prevent hooks from poking you as you open the bag
  • Constructed of a sturdy and clear polyurethane to maximize visibility of your lures
  • Dimensions:  Overall: 28″ long x 10” wide / Tak Logic GEL area: 22″ long x 10″ wide

To purchase your Lure Lock Roll-Up for $29.99, please visit, .

For more information about Lure Lock please visit, or contact Glenn Walker at with media or marketing requests.

About Lure Lock

Lure Lock, an industry leader in innovative storage solutions for anglers is owned by Tak Logic, LLC and is located in Ettrick, Wisconsin. Lure Lock tackle boxes feature a Patent Pending technology to securely and safely hold lures and tackle in place and are proudly made in the USA. For more information, visit or call 608-525-3636.