Seaguar’s New Standard in Fluorocarbon

New York, NY – Peanut butter is always better with jelly. The Fourth of July feels empty without fireworks. There are some things that are always better with a partner. Yet, in the universe of fluorocarbon fishing lines, anglers are often forced to choose between strength and suppleness, and between sensitivity and castability. If only there was a way to blend these critical characteristics into a single line; one that accentuates fluorocarbon’s advantages and eliminates potential limitations; an exceptional line that meets the exacting standards of the world’s most demanding anglers, facing situations as diverse as the many fish we chase.

The master line-smiths at Seaguar have heard these pleas, and answered them with an entirely new paradigm in fishing lines, called Double-Structure Fluorocarbons. These premium lines represent a complete revolution in line design, yielding a new standard with limitless possibilities that is exclusive to Seaguar — the originators of fluorocarbon fishing lines.




Double-Structure Fluorocarbons are born of an innovative process, one that unites two different fluorocarbon resins into the finest fishing line available. In Seaguar’s proprietary co-extrusion process, a strong, sensitive fluorocarbon core is encased within a soft, supple, fluorocarbon exterior. The bond between the two resins is intimate and unbreakable, and results in a Double-Structure Fluorocarbon line that exhibits the beneficial attributes of each of its two components.  Forget about having to choose between strong and supple, or between sensitive and castable. With Seaguar’s Double-Structure Fluorocarbons, you can have it all, in a single spool of 100% fluorocarbon fishing line.

Seaguar’s show pony Double-Structure Fluorocarbon is Tatsu. An amazingly strong, yet supple fluorocarbon line unlike any other, Tatsu represents the union of two custom fluorocarbon resins, creating a line that is responsible for Bassmaster Classic Champion and Seaguar Pro Denny Brauer’s biggest bass…EVER. While spooled up with 15-pound-test Tatsu on Lake Amistad, Brauer hooked, landed, and released a fish that bottomed out two 15-pound scales, and was so big, it wouldn’t even fit in his livewell. Brauer is a believer in Seaguar Tatsu, which he relies on to deliver oversized fish from heavy cover.

Now, consider the line needs of the finesse angler, who demands the most supple, thinnest diameter line possible with optimized tensile and knot strength to hold onto highly-pressured fish in crystal-clear waters. FLW Tour angler and Seaguar Pro Cody Meyer is a diehard finesse fisherman, and with three top-10 finishes this year alone, Cody knows a thing or two about finessing his way to the bank. Meyer relies on Seaguar Finesse, another Double-Structure Fluorocarbon line, to target the biggest fish in the lake with dropshot rigs and other finesse presentations. Super strong yet incredibly castable with finesse spinning tackle, Meyer depends on Seaguar Finesse to put that fifth fish in the livewell on tough tournament days.

Seaguar’s exclusive Double-Structure Fluorocarbon process is available now in Tatsu and Finesse mainlines, in addition to Seaguar Fluoro Premier and Blue Label leaders, as well as Max and Grand Max and Grand Max FX tippet material.

Two 100% fluorocarbon resins joined together as one. Only from Seaguar: Always the Best!