Sea Ray Establishes World Headquarters in Knoxville

Sea Ray is pleased to announce the selection of the landmark First Tennessee Building in the heart of downtown Knoxville as the site of its new world headquarters. The move will begin in December 2013, and by early 2014, Sea Ray and its parent organization, Brunswick Boat Group, will occupy three floors of the tallest building in Knoxville. After the relocation, Sea Ray will be the only name alongside First Tennessee to have a marquee sign on the distinguished property.

“As both the president and a member of the Sea Ray family, we’re looking forward to our new location and becoming more a part of the downtown community,” said Tim Schiek, Sea Ray Boat Group president. “It is only natural as the largest and most recognized North American boat brand that we resituate in a location that is as prominent and prestigious as the Sea Ray brand.”

Located at 800 S. Gay Street, the First Tennessee Building is just a brief drive from Sea Ray’s sprawling Tellico Lake Facility in Monroe County, Tenn, just outside Knoxville. That facility recently celebrated its 30 th anniversary and currently produces all of Sea Ray’s day boats. Today, 14 of the original 30 employees who were hired still work at the Tellico plant, and more than 50 percent of the current employees have worked for Sea Ray for 20 years or more, making Knoxville a truly important and valued part of Sea Ray’s history.

“Our move into the First Tennessee Building represents a proud new chapter in Sea Ray’s legacy,” Schiek said. “As we grow our business and build upon our globally esteemed reputation, I can think of no better place to accomplish this than our new location in the First Tennessee Building.”