Sea of Cortez: An AFTCO Original Film

SANTA ANA, California. – AFTCO’s new film for 2022 takes a quick trip south of the border to beautiful Baja Mexico in the Sea of Cortez. For those in the know, the allure of Baja is something many anglers hold near and dear to their heart. The heightened level of uncertainty and exploratory opportunities that Baja provides is a welcome contrast to the safety and comforts of home. The winter months are generally the offseason for seasoned guides and avid anglers like Captain Ben Florentino, Captain Gerry Mahieu, and Randy Spizer. It’s the perfect time to switch gears and take an excursion to the Sea of Cortez. Once referred to as “The World’s Aquarium” by Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez is a fishery that’s entirely unique and diverse. For this crew of anglers, the target species is the leopard grouper, or “cabrilla” as the locals refer to it. Known for their violent strikes and hard fighting nature, this species of Serranidae resides in less than forgiving rocky structure. They also love to hit artificial baits and make for excellent table fare.

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