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Sea Falcon Super Drain Jig Is Ideal For Slow Currents

Kennesaw, GA – Versatility is important when you’re fishing in diverse situations, and the Sea Falcon® Super Drain offers an ideal option for deeper, slower-moving water.

Once a well-kept secret among Japanese anglers, the effectiveness of slow pitch jigging is now a fishing phenomenon among the worldwide saltwater angling community. But ocean anglers often encounter an array of circumstances as tides ebb and flow, and currents change along with water depths. If you don’t have the right tools in your tackle box, you could be out of luck.

Fortunately, Sea Falcon offers an array of slow-pitch jigs, each designed for different fishing conditions and species. Fast-action lures work well in fast, shallow to moderate currents. Still, when you drift off the edge or intentionally move into deeper water or the current slows, you need a bigger jig that will still produce maximum action with minimum force and input from the angler. The Super Drain jig has a double drain structure to produce an irregular movement that imitates a wounded and confused baitfish in deep water, even in the absence of current, a perfect enticement for deep water denizens like tilefish and amberjack.

Furthermore, the Super Drain comes in a range of sizes (130g, 200g, 300g, 400g), so you can switch up depending on what’s around or what you’re targeting. Each is also available in an array of enticing colors – including BGL Glow Pink, LTGGL Blue Pink, LTGGL Pink, LTGGL Silver and Sardine – so you can better match the baitfish that sometimes finicky predators focus on.

Hook eyes are part of the same one-piece wireframe to ensure superior strength and lure integrity and are designed to accommodate Gamakatsu® assist hooks. The rugged hand-painted finish will stand up to repeated attacks from the toothiest predators.

To ensure you can fine-tune your presentation to get the best performance from your jigs, Sea Falcon has developed a specification chart for each jig indicating the correct fall speed, weight balance, pause time, current, pulling resistance and slide width, and maps them out on an easy to understand chart on their website:

Every Sea Falcon lure is based on a hand-carved original created by CEO and Chief Designer Tetsuya Itou, one of Japan’s foremost lure designers. Based in Hamamatsu, Japan, they operate under the ‘Total Package’ concept, combining all processes from planning and development to manufacturing all under one roof. Sea Falcon ensures supreme quality and continues to provide innovative products to the fishing world.

Gamakatsu® hooks are specifically designed to compliment Sea Falcon lures and plugs. Gamakatsu hooks are made with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, equally raising the performance of any Sea Falcon lure.

Super Drain Features

  • Slow Pitch
  • Deep Bait
  • Lots of Action in Deep Water
  • Designed to be Fished in Slow Current
  • Target Fish: Bottom Fish


Sea Falcon® ensures supreme quality and continues to provide innovative products to the fishing world. Thanks to an exclusive arrangement with SPRO® and Gamakatsu,® Sea Falcon® Lures are now available in the USA.