Saragosa SW Spinning Reels From Shimano Can Tackle It All In the Salt

IRVINE, Calif. – ICAST 2103 INTRODUCTION – Available Aug. ’13 – Bringing select ‘SW Concept’ technology and offered in sizes for nearly any sport fish found in the world’s oceans, Shimano introduces its newly-designed Saragosa SW spinning reels. The series includes six models – the SRG-5000SW, 6000SW, 8000SW, 10000SW, 20000SW and 25000SW.

With the ‘SW Concept,’ anglers are offered the latest in Shimano spinning reel technology. Each Saragosa SW has the retrieving power, toughness and strength needed for any saltwater fishing situation, starting with X-Ship. This feature provides increased cranking power with efficiency so that anglers can put maximum pressure on the fish. Next is Shimano’s X-Tough drag with cross carbon, heatproof drag washes for smooth, reliable performance. X-Shield and X-Protect seals the reels from saltwater intrusion, providing both durability and corrosion-resistance.

“Knowing how both saltwater fish – and the saltwater environment – can abuse tackle, we also construct the Saragosa’s frame with a combination of power aluminum and graphite for added rigidity,” said Robby Gant with Shimano’s product development team, “plus you’ll find cold-forged anodized drive gears that can help you land big tuna.”

Helping with drag performance, each Saragosa SW reel also features Shimano’s ‘Cam’ oscillation system. “Not only adding to durability, this system lays the line on the spool in a perfect pattern,” Gant said. “Plus on the big water 20000SW and 25000SW size reels, we also include our Rigid Support Drag.”

Whether its in the shallows or off the reef for big bonefish redfish, tarpon and grouper, stripers and blues from the surf, or offshore for sails and tuna, there’s a Saragosa SW reel to handle it.


Saragosa Specs/MSRP:
SRG5000SW – 5.7:1 gear ratio; 38.2” retrieve inches — $239.99
— PowerPro: 20#/255 yd, #12/195 yd, 40#/185 yd
— Mono: 10#/240 yd, 12#/195 yd, 14#/165 yd — $239.99

SRG6000SW – 5.7:1 gear ratio; 40.6” retrieve inches — $259.99
— PowerPro: 30#/245 yd, #50/210 yd, 65#/180 yd
— Mono: 12#/265 yd, 16#/170 yd, 20#/120 yd

SRG8000SW – 5.6:1 gear ratio; 42.2 retrieve inches — $279.99
— PowerPro: 40#/300 yd, #50/295 yd, 65#/185 yd
— Mono: 14#/270 yd, 16#/220 yd, 20#/160 yd

SRG10000SW – 4.9:1 gear ratio; 40” retrieve inches — $299.99
— PowerPro: 50#/405 yd, #65/220 yd, 80#/185 yd
— Mono: 14#/370 yd, 16#/300 yd, 20#/220 yd

SRG20000SW – 4.4:1 gear ratio; 41” retrieve inches — $349.99
— PowerPro: 65#/525 yd, #80/445 yd, 100#/305 yd
— Mono: 20#/380 yd, 25#/210 yd, 30#/250 yd
SRG25000SW – 4.4:1 gear ratio; 45” retrieve inches — $399.99
— PowerPro: 65#/630 yd, #80/520 yd, 100#/440 yd

For more information on Shimano’s new Saragosa SW saltwater spinning reels – visit the Shimano web site at – or call Shimano’s product support team at 877/577-0600 (6 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time).