Saltwater Underground Lands New Sponsors

The 2022 Season 2 of Saltwater Underground with Nick Honachefsky on Sportsman Channel and Waypoint TV partners with Savage Gear, Bubba, Shimano and Grundens to bring anglers an underground insight into northeast saltwater fishing.

“I’m extremely pleased to work with continuing partners and new partners to showcase the oft-overlooked lights-out fishing in the Northeast through TV and online media,” says host and executive producer Nick Honachefsky. “Season 2 will showcase northeast species such as bluefin tuna, mahi, striped bass, weakfish, bluefish among others, as well as bring the worldwide angling viewer into a salty community they may not be aware of. We’ve got a great cast of underground characters to tell the wild story in season 2.”

Honachefsky brings his 23 years of experience in the sportfishing journalism industry to Saltwater Underground.


Saltwater Underground with Nick Honachefsky explores the world’s finest fishing destinations and the subculture scene of salty characters that come along with it. Each episode unfolds with a boots on the ground local mentality; experiencing the indigenous fishing opportunity at each prolific destination but also getting in deep with the unique cuisine, local bars and colorful characters at each port; all the while weaving a solid maritime story filled with humor, personality and lifestyle. Honachefsky takes the viewer on a trip to tell the ultimate insider story of hardcore fishing, tips and tactics, shared secrets and suspect stories. It’s serious fishing without taking yourself too seriously; exploring destinations and showcasing the edgy and fun-filled saltwater lifestyle the everyman can achieve. The story starts here. Get in deep. Jump into the Saltwater Underground.