Saltwater Tackle Trends of ICAST with Capt. Robert Trosset

The world of sportfishing encompasses not only the glitz and glamour of nationally televised bass fishing, but also the expansive world of blue water adventure off of our coasts. For over 40 years, Captain Robert “RT” Trosset has brought anglers into the blue for saltwater bounty out of Key West, Florida. FTR caught up with the good Captain at this year’s ICAST—sportfishing’s flagship tradeshow—to discover where the world of saltwater angling is headed going into 2016.

These are his observations.

Savvy saltwater store owners will recognize much of what RT speaks of. Saltwater reels, in contrast to their freshwater cousins, are shrinking in size. Saltwater baits, too, are shrinking just as a wave of megalithic bass baits is sweeping store shelves on the freshwater side.

Recognized by the IGFA as the first captain to guide clients to 100 IGFA world records, Captain Trosset is no stranger to saltwater. In fact, he has fished in six of the world’s seven oceans and owns over 190 IGFA world records. In other words, his credentials have credentials.

What do you think of RT’s observations? What saltwater tackle trends are you seeing in your store? Let us know in the comment section below.