Run Shallow, Silent and Sleek

BEMIDJI, Minn. – Freshwater bass fans are no strangers to Bagley Baits’ stacked line-up of “better balsa” crankbaits. All feature the company’s unique heat compressing molding process (HMC) in which two full-length halves of the lure body are produced and sealed together. This process allows precise positioning of the weights for optimal center of gravity, superior flotation at rest, better overall balance, longer casts, and a nice, tight wiggle with just the right amount of roll to drive predator fish crazy. The result is a selection of bite-sized nuggets allowing anglers to mine bass lairs from the surface to the bottom.

Just added to the roll call is Bagley’s new Shallow Sunny B. Destined to quickly become another bass fan favorite, it’s ideal for probing shallow flats featuring riprap, hard-bottom or gentle slopes, as well as any water where hard structure or wood crowds the surface. Patterned after Bagley’s original and super popular Sunny B, but with a distinctively short and stubby lip, it’s designed to dive 1- to 4-feet below the surface rather than the 6-to 8-foot depths explored by its deeper-diving sibling.

“This new entry is patterned after the original Sunny B, one of my favorite small crankbaits of all time,” says two-time Classic Bass Tour Champion and Bagley Bait pro-staffer Noah Schultz. “At 2” and 3/8 of an ounce, it’s the exact same size, weight, and flashes the same tall but thin profile as the original – but it’s more efficient in the shallows. While the Sunny B is great for getting down quickly along sharper, steeper breaks, the new Shallow Sunny B quickly gets down to a working depth of two or three feet, which makes it perfect for running shallow, sloping flats, mild channel edges or any place where hard structure breaks or approaches the surface.”

Schultz loves to toss this new shallow water addition in relatively open water where its tight wiggle and subtle presentation really shine. He’ll work them over shallow riprap and flatter hard-bottom, as well as over less weedy shoreline stretches or flats. The Shallow Sunny B especially shines in finesse situations, he points out, where fish need a little coaxing and a quiet entry with less commotion provides an advantage – especially in late spring and early fall. He’ll also retrieve the Shallow Sunny B above submerged weed beds, trying to lightly tick the tips of the grass if there’s enough room between the weeds and the surface. His go-to patterns are usually crayfish-based, especially Burnt Crawdad and Hot Claw Crawdad, although he will opt for Chartreuse Root Beer in discolored water or shad patterns if the water is clear and grassy.

“This is quickly becoming my preferred bait when I fish around shallow rocks or wood,” continues Schultz. “It rarely hangs up and, thanks to the excellent floating qualities of its superior balsawood, the Shallow Sunny B is easy to free with a flick of the wrist if it does catch bottom. That means you don’t have to move into prime water and explode the place while trying to rattle it out with your rod tip. It comes through wood especially well, too. It’s an awesome crankbait and I’ve turned on quite a few friends to it already. It’s quickly gaining traction so I’m sure you’ll see it on the trails this spring.”

The new Shallow Sunny B is available in ten bass attracting colors including Blue Chartreuse Shad, Blue Olive Shad, Burnt Crawdad, Cooked Crawdad, Crusty Crawdad, Chartreuse Root Beer, Hot Claw Crawdad, Orange Belly Gill, Purple Gill, and Root Beer. Each lure is finished with a light coating of lacquer that’s strong enough to protect the body without adding much weight. All retail for $9.99 each.

Bagley Baits Shallow Sunny B Features

  • Finesse profile, tight action and silent performance perfect for all seasons.
  • Excels in cool water situations and on pressured waters.
  • Dives 1- to 4-feet with light tackle.
  • Heat compression molded (HCM) premium balsa.
  • Welded through-wire design for greater lure strength.
  • Precision weighting for superior action and maximum casting distance.
  • Uniquely shaped and precision-balanced.
  • 10 hand-painted custom colors.

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ABOUT Bagley Bait Company

The personality of any company comes from its founder. Jim Bagley was an inventive, fun-loving, passionate fisherman who became one the most respected legends in the fishing tackle industry. In late 2010, Jarmo Rapala and a group of investors bought Bagley Bait Company. As an admirer of Jim Bagley for his attention to quality and of his product ingenuity and innovation, Jarmo initiated significant changes in operations, enhanced production processes and quality control. Now in 2020, Northland® Fishing Tackle, along with Jarmo as its Chief Lure Designer, maintain the legacy of creating premium balsa crankbaits and topwater lures, as well as jigs and spoons for both freshwater and saltwater anglers.