RTD Rod Threading Device Offers Relief For Common Fishing Headaches

The new and patented RTD Rod Threading Device is the first mechanical tool designed to feed line quickly and effortlessly through fishing rod guides, a task many consider to be the sport’s most frustrating process.

The invention is introduced by new company Erupt Fishing, who says the product resolves all of the common headaches associated with the necessary rigging step of feeding line through the rod guides.

Regardless of experience, most anglers know well the pain of accidentally dropping the line during threading and watching it back out of every guide just strung, or mistakenly running line through the guide’s frame, or missing a guide altogether. RTD helps overcome these and other rigging hardships, including those influenced by foul weather or an angler’s poor dexterity or hampered vision.

The unit’s patented technology relies only on hand power to advance the device along the length of the rod.

The line attaches to the RTD’s innovative bobbin with just a tug, not a knot. A guiding module provides a self-centering alignment over each guide, feeding the bobbin with line attached through each one along the way.

RTD works with most traditional rod guides used for freshwater and inshore fishing, casting and spinning versions, and threads even the longest of rods in mere seconds.

“There simply had to be a better way to get line on a rod than how we’ve always done it with our fingers,” said RTD inventor Patrick Marchese, who was inspired to find a solution by his own struggling moments with the process. “Even when everything goes right, rigging is time consuming and not much fun. My goal for such a product was to make sure it wasn’t gimmicky and that anybody could easily use it.”

After three years of development and numerous prototypes later, Marchese’s product is ready for introduction. It weighs just a few ounces and measures about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. The size fits easily into tackle box trays and anglers’ pockets.

“When Pat showed me the RTD, my first thought was how much faster I could re-spool and rig my rods with it,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kelly Jordon. “The more I thought about it, the more obvious the benefits became … from any serious angler who keeps multiple rods rigged on a boat deck, to youth event organizers who are always rigging rods. I loved the idea.”

As a result, Jordon is now a partner in Erupt Fishing. So is Dave Mercer, a fishing personality and host of the Facts of Fishing TV show.

“Honestly, my first reaction was, ‘I don’t need it because that’s what I do with my fingers,’ Mercer said. “A few days later while I was rigging several rods, I kept thinking about RTD and how efficiently it did what I was doing. I called Pat and admitted he was right-on with this really cool new tool. I believe RTD does have a viable place in tackle boxes.”

Each RTD comes with two clear “guiding” modules of differing channel widths that can be easily interchanged at the front of the unit. The rod’s largest guide determines which module to use. A spare bobbin is also included in each package.

Model RTD-P is first on the market and features high-impact molded construction with a transparent window for viewing the rigging operation. MSRP is $39.99.

An aluminum-model RTD will follow soon, with additional features.

For more information on RTD and Erupt Fishing, visit www.EruptFishing.com.