Rippin Lips signs distribution deal with classic catfish company Little Stinker

Chambersburg, Penn. – Science has shown that catfish possess superior intuitive senses for sniffing out sweet opportunities. Assuming those acute aptitudes extend to catfishing companies, you can expect great things from two powerful new partners for years to come.

The classic authority in catfishing bait and tackle for decades, Little Stinker recently inked a major sales and distribution agreement with the whiskered wizards at Rippin Lips. When an industry leader comes knocking on your door, it’s a pretty decent sign you’ve arrived.

Under the new five-year deal, Little Stinker (subsidiary of Uncle Josh Bait Company) will tap its impressive distribution network to greatly expand availability of Rippin Lips’ wildly popular catfish bait, Leakin Livers, which had been previously available exclusively online. Among Uncle Josh’s vast distribution network are big box retailers Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Academy, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Dick’s, Big Rock Sports and others.

Uncle Josh sales manager Matt Bichanich touts the merits of Rippin Lips products. “We admire the expertise and scientific approach to catfishing Rippin Lips brings to the table,” he stated. “These folks live and breathe catfishing. Legendary Rippin Lips anglers John Jamison and Phil King have helped expand the catfish market exponentially; they’ve developed innovative, easy-to-use products and baits that catch tons of catfish for everyday anglers. Their products are certainly on par with the classic Little Stinker name.

Dennis Coons, Rippin Lips co-founder and president, adds perspective. “The Little Stinker brand is foremost among quality catfishing products today. We’re extremely happy to have developed a relationship with such a well-established, solid distributor. The folks at Uncle Josh are the kind of good people you aspire to build a relationship with.

“Everyone in the catfishing community knows and trusts the baits they’ve manufactured for decades,” Coons continues. “This partnership allows us to capture market share and bring Rippin Lips products to Uncle Josh’s vast client base. There are 7-million catfish anglers across North America, and we can now assure that Leakin Livers and our other products are available to each and every one of them.”

Intensively developed, tested and formulated with 100-percent real chicken livers, Leakin Livers has been praised by anglers as a clean, natural, odor-free catfish bait that disperses potent scent and flavors the moment it hits the water. Moreover, it’s likely the most convenient, user-friendly catfish bait available today.

“We’ve been impressed by Leakin Livers’ ability to not only catch catfish, but to stay on the hook much better than other baits,” offers Bichanich. “These power-packed nuggets employ a special internal mesh technology that’s unique among catfish baits. We think catfish anglers across the country will enjoy the benefits of this potent, user-friendly bait.”

In addition to sales and distribution of Leakin Livers Catfish Bait, the agreement asserts that development of future Rippin Lips catfishing products will also become potential additions to Uncle Josh’s sales arsenal. The first of such prospective introductions is a new series of specialized catfish rods, currently in the development and testing phase, slated for release in Spring 2013.