Rippin Lips S-Glass

Rippin Lips’ New Tough ‘S-glass’ Rods

Chambersburg, Penn. – Getting big things to budge often takes a tough, powerful tool. Seize a sledgehammer and drive a spike through a stump in seconds. Wield a crowbar and jimmy it loose just as fast. Power winch a half-ton truck from the ditch. Not to mention wrenching a colossal catfish from heavy cover.

For powerful tools and catfish rods alike, brute strength and durability are essential. But take a muscular, manly fishing rod and then substantially trim its weight. Double its sensitivity while you’re at it. Surround it with tough top-notch guides and a beautifully balanced handle system. And then pare back the prize for the everyday cat-man. Now you’ve got something special— a catfish rod worthy of the name, SuperCat®.

Rippin Lips S-Glass

Designed by master catman John Jamison, Rippin Lips’ new SuperCat Series feature six carefully selected length/actions, created to conquer the species and situations anglers face daily. Built on the foundation of superior S-Glass blanks, SuperCat rods offer the perfect balance of extreme strength and toughness with a light, sensitive side.

While most catfish rods utilize E-glass, the SuperCat Series integrates select S-glass blanks—a lighter, more advanced fiberglass that’s stronger and stiffer than its perhaps antiquated counterpart, E-glass. Another key distinction: E-glass was originally designed for non-angling applications, while S-glass was developed expressly for fishing rods. Likewise, S-glass offers nearly twice the modulus of E-glass, resulting in the optimal blend of blank strength, smoothness and sensitivity.

“These might just be the perfect rods for catfishing,” Jamison asserts. “Beyond the awesome strength and toughness of these S-glass SuperCat Rods, they’re also exceptionally well balanced. They feature special split grip handles and tuck comfortably under my arm when I’m battling a big blue or flathead. This grip system also aids casting control and sensitivity—even if I’m simply fishing a small stream for channel cats.”

Unique among catfishing rods, SuperCat’s custom EVA split grip handle yields tremendous balance for battling big fish, plus enhanced power for setting hooks and a comfortable under-arm fit while fishing. When building these rods, Jamison also insisted on extra hard, chrome plated stainless steel guides. (Spinning rod models also feature hard ceramic guide inserts for lighter line applications.) For extra protection and toughness, all guide wraps are epoxy coated. And to assure no bite goes undetected—even at night—all rod tips sport high-visibility glow tips.

Available in six lengths and actions, for small stream channel cats to big water blues and flatheads, SuperCat Rods are competitively priced ($35.99 to $49.99) and ready to get bloodied in battle—just as their striking crimson blanks suggest. Soon to be available, too, are new SuperCat Combos—three spinning rod and reel combos carrying great prices and even greater features. All rods/combos come with complete one-year manufacturer’s warranties.