Rick Clunn/Luck-E-Strike Introduce RC2 Rattler at ICAST

Cassville, MO -A year ago, Luck E Strike and 4x Bassmaster Classic champion Rick Clunn introduced the popular RC2 square bill. The bait was designed as a silent-bait, relying on water displacement and vibration to attract strikes. While a square bill is the ultimate reaction bait, there are times when off-color water demands a rattle to make it easier for fish to locate. That’s why Luck E Strike and Clunn created the new RC2 Rattler square bill. This highly effective crankbait uses the RC2’s proven square bill design and adds a distinctive rattle. The new RC2 Rattler features the same flat head and wide body that gave the original bait its alluring wobble through the water. In addition, those same features get the lure through cover without hanging up.

As with all Luck E Strike products, the RC2 Rattler is a premium lure with an affordable price. No fishing arsenal is complete without the deadly wobble/rattle combo of the rattling RC2.

RC2 Rattler – Body length: 2 1/2″ l Weight: 2/3 oz. l Colors: Spotted Shad, Bream, Copper Perch, Tasty Shad, Purple Back Shad, True Blue Chartreuse, Green Minnow, Snow Leopard, Blue Chartreuse, Green Copper Shad, Tasty Herring, Green Crawdad, Red Crawdad, Green Ghost, Chartreuse Purple, Sunfish 2, Pumpkin Scale Crawdad, Khaki Brown, Reel Shad, Brown Blue Claw.

For more information, call 417-847-3158 or visit www.luck-e-strike.us.