Revital Outdoors Signs Mark Menendez and Shaw Grigsby to Inaugural Prostaff

Revital Outdoors is proud to announce signing Bassmaster Elite Series veteran Mark Menendez, and long-time professional angler and legend Shaw Grigsby, to their ProStaff.

Mark Menendez

“We met Mark several months back and he immediately became interested in the brand and the products. He told us how the products were able to elevate his game and help him be a better angler. Officially welcoming him to our Prostaff team was an easy decision and we are excited to have him representing Revital Outdoors on the Elite Series”, says CEO and Founder Kyle Smith.

Mark Menendez says, “My career is going on five decades as a traveling professional angler. All of the endless miles on the road, rough days on the water, and long hours putting in the necessary time it takes to get the job done chasing fish all over the country; my body has taken a beating. I especially feel this in my knees and elbows, but discovering Revital has helped me perform better as an angler and help reduce that inflammation and aches. Using the products has revitalized my career and I am proud to be representing the company”.

Shaw Grigsby

Shaw, an icon to the sport of bass fishing and fishes the MLF Bass Pro Tour, is serve as part of the inaugural prostaff to Revital Outdoors. Revital is a new CBD company making products specific to the hunting and fishing industry. The line of products includes CBD cream, tinctures, gummies, pet products, and soft gels.

“For being an angler on the road touring for the last three decades, my body doesn’t move and function as easy anymore. The last couple of years have been particularly hard on my hands and knees, and at times have affected my performance. Using the Revital Outdoors products, I have less inflammation and soreness in the areas that cause me the biggest issues. I am excited to become a member of Revital Outdoors and truly believe in the CBD products they offer,” says Shaw.

Theron Asbery, Marketing Manager of Revital Outdoors, went on to comment  “As a new company to the outdoor industry and strategically planning our marketing strategy going into our first full-year; it only made sense to bring on an icon like Shaw Grigsby. Shaw is a well rounded representative of himself, the other brands he is partnered with, and the sport of fishing. We are honored to offers products for him, and fellow anglers like him, that provide opportunity to compete and do what they love more comfortably.”


Revital Outdoors is a family-owned health and wellness company serving the outdoor industry. Founded by outdoorsmen, their mission is to restore focus, excitement, and community by providing premium cannabinoid products and educating fellow outdoors enthusiasts on health and wellness. The focus of Revital Outdoors is providing products that help anglers reduce inflammation, decrease aches on the water, and sleep better at night; all critical element to more enjoyable days fishing. For more information about Revital Outdoors and the premium CBD products they offer for outdoor enthusiasts, see their website at: