PRADCO Outdoor Brands, the parent company of several well-known fishing brands including BOOYAH, YUM, Bomber, Lindy and Rebel has just launched a new website.

Fishing Tackle Retailer went in-depth on the new site, and here’s what we found:

As you might expect, PRADCO is really on top of their game. The new website has a clean presentation with some useful and easily accessible information for retailers and consumers alike. The website is built on a responsive framework—like the new FTR site—which means it dynamically adjusts layout to best suit whichever device you’re viewing it on.

From a business perspective, that’s a trend you can expect to see more of in 2014 as more and more companies catch on to the mobile internet market. Mobile devices are predicted to be surpass desktop computers as the number one source of web traffic this year. 

Aesthetically, the new PRADCO website keeps things simple and easy to digest for mobile users. The menu system has been boiled down to the essentials and their content presentation really benefits from the new approach.

It’s a sentiment echoed in a statement from the company’s Vice President of Marketing, John Skrabo, “Almost 50 percent of all retail purchases begin with on-line exploration,” said Skrabo. “Having consumer-friendly, brand-centric websites continues our commitment to enhancing the consumer experience.”

Skrabo notes that BOOYAH, Moultrie and Summit Treestands have also received major website overhauls for the mobile market. A quick investigation confirmed that all three of those major brands are sporting a new, responsive web design treatment.

For desktop users, a loop of background video welcomes you into PRADCO’s world of outdoor adventure. Background video is another design trend which started to catch on during 2013 but should really become prominent this year. The debate rages as to whether background videos are a trend that will stick; but for PRADCO’s purposes, their loop of elk and largemouth bass does a nice job of bringing guests into the outdoor world.

PRADCO is certainly showing some savvy and forward-thinking here. For companies with so many products under their belt, a less-is-more approach takes that to pull off. The new website does an excellent job of showcasing their brands in an easy-to-digest format.

Overall, we give the new PRADCO website a 5 out of 5.