RESTOP Personal Portable Sanitation Solves Outdoors Problem

A perfect answer for people on the go is RESTOP® Portable Sanitation Systems. Fishermen, hunters, campers, anyone who enjoys and treasures the great outdoors, will appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of RESTOP, anytime, anywhere.

Long used by the military, FEMA, law enforcement and emergency medical units as Brief Relief™, RESTOP portable and disposable sanitation solutions now are being introduced for use by outdoor enthusiasts who care about the environment.

There are five different products in the RESTOP line. RESTOP 1 is a disposable urine bag with a wide semi-rigid rim for easy use by men or women. A one-way valve prevents any spillage, and super-absorbent polymer/enzyme crystals convert the liquid to a gel and eliminate odors. Comes in a 4-pack or 2-pack.

RESTOP 2 uses a patented “bag within a bag” design to safely contain and neutralize human waste, containing the odor as well as the waste. It provides a user-friendly and pleasant means to pack out solid waste. Ample toilet paper and a moist antimicrobial towelette are included. It’s designed to be used with the RESTOP Commode system or directly on the ground in wilderness situations.

The RESTOP 5-gallon Commode is a sturdy, top-locking base holding a full-size, standard-height toilet seat with a tight-seal screw-on lid, and is available with RESTOP Daily Restroom Kits. Each kit contains two RESTOP 1 liquid waste bags and one RESTOP 2 for solid waste. For rugged dependability, the Commode has been tested to withstand 300 pounds of pressure over a 10-hour period.

The RESTOP Privacy Tent is a sturdy, collapsible tent with down rope and anchor stakes for high-wind situations. Quick-connect joints allow easy set-up and breakdown in just seconds. The zipper operates from the inside and the opaque fabric assures privacy, even in bright sunlight. It folds into an easy-to-carry shoulder case. It was successfully field tested two years in a row by the Everest Environmental Expedition.

Rounding out the line is the RESTOP 2 Wilderness Waste Containment Pouch, an easy way to carry out your used bags. Packaged in a mesh tote bag, it can be used with any commode system or directly on the ground. Using RESTOP’s patented “bag within a bag” design, the outer bag is Mylar gas-impervious to contain the odor and the waste. Inside the bag is a polymer/enzyme blend powder that biodegrades and gels the waste, earning EPA approval. And it complies with the outdoor ethics of Leave No Trace.