Renew, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate

It’s getting colder, and for a lot of tackle retailers that means things around the store are getting quieter. I realize that’s not true for everyone. Some of you reading this are in Florida awaiting the arrival of the “snowbirds” who will keep the register ringing all winter. Others are in the north where good ice-fishing will keep you going strong until the ice is too thin to walk on. But for many, colder weather means less business, days with few customers and leaner times.

But it also creates opportunity. If you’re in a market that offers a little down-time, think of it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself, rejuvenate your store, revitalize your offerings and rekindle interest in what you have to offer.

If your customers come back after a layoff of several months and still recognize every inch of your place, you’ve missed an opportunity. No store is so perfectly laid out that it can’t benefit from a new look. No proprietor has such command of his floor space as that.


Don’t believe me? Take a look at the retail giants out there, especially the ones doing really well.

Ever been in a Walmart when they’re rearranging the store layout? They don’t do it because the layout was terribly flawed and paper towels weren’t selling. They do it to give the place a new look, to force customers to take a different path through the store (and encounter things they weren’t seeing before) and to revitalize things from a consumer perspective.

If Walmart does it, you should at least be thinking about it.

Some things never change at Walmart (or at some of the other retail giants for that matter). The pharmacy always seems to be on one side and the groceries on the other. Electronics are in the back. Sporting goods are near the automotive center. Clothes are toward the front and centered. There’s a philosophy and reason for all of that, but the bottom line is that it works. If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be hundreds of Walmarts all around the world doing exactly the same thing.

If you’ve got a little “down-time” now (or in the summer or fall or whenever), you should consider taking advantage of it by renewing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, restoring, rekindling and reinventing your shop. It’ll pay dividends the rest of the year.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s be that tide.