Reese Towpower Carbon Forged Ball Mounts

OLON, OH – With summer approaching, it’s a good time to evaluate and upgrade to the best system for securing and transporting your boat, ATV or other towable items to the beach or the mountains.

Bruno Massel and Matt Steele, the hosts of “Truck U” on the SPEED Network, featured and recommended Reese Towpower’s Carbon FORGED Ball Mounts for their unique one piece no weld construction which offers a greater towing capacity compared to traditional ball mount bars. Massel and Steele also noted that the Carbon FORGED patented interlock system with one wrench tightening is the easy and hassle-free way for securing your hitch ball.

Reese Towpower®, the market leader in towing products, created Carbon FORGED as a single one piece weld-free ball mount with patented Interlock hitch ball system that’s simple to assemble using the “One Wrench Tightening System.” Normal twin flat standard balls require two hands and two wrenches. Simply seat the hex on the ball into the hex on the bar and tighten for quicker installation.

Carbon FORGED ball mounts are uprated to provide greater towing capacity compared to existing ball mount bars. These new technological innovations have helped Cequent Consumer Products deliver the strongest, toughest ball mounts in their class. Carbon FORGED exceeds industry standard testing protocols with the use of the REESE Towpower simulated road testing mimicking real road conditions equal to 100,000 miles, further emphasizing our commitment to quality and safety.

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