ReelSonar Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement for iBobber

SEATTLE, Wash.  – ReelSonar today announces the company has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Second Chance, Ltd., one of the largest sporting goods distributors in the EMEA territory, to sell the iBobber Bluetooth fish finder in Europe, Middle East, and African markets. Second Chance boasts a network of retailers including more than 7,500 stores in those markets, and also offers its partners localized sales, marketing, and advertising support.

The iBobber is the first fish finding device to utilize Bluetooth Smart and sonar technology, giving fishing enthusiasts a clear and reliable way to spot their next catch. Unlike boat-mounted fish finders that only show what’s directly under the craft, iBobber can be cast up to 100-feet away with sonar pings 135 feet deep. The iBobber turns on upon contact with the water, then syncs with a smart device – both iOS and Android compatible – to show fish location, size (over/under 15”), water temperature and more.

iBobber also includes a Waterbed Mapping mode, illustrating the contour and structure of the waterbed, helping fishers avoid potential snags underwater, target fish more efficiently and see where that “bruiser” may be hiding.

“We believe the iBobber has modern appeal to anglers all around the globe. This distribution deal with Second Chance, who is firmly established in UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa markets provides us with an almost instant sales channel to those markets,” said Alex Lebedev, Reel Sonar CEO. “As an American business, we wanted international customers to discover our product through familiar retail environments, so we sought the support of a strong and established presence in the region that knows all the nuances to reach these new customer bases. We’ve accomplished that by partnering with Second Chance.”

Other features include a prolonged battery life compared to competing products, “pinning” favorable locations via GPS mapping, social media integration, and an LED indicator for easy spotting or night fishing.

Terms of the partnership agreement with Second Chance include a provision from the online marketer and distributor to introduce the iBobber into retailers Argos and Amazon Europe by the end of August.

“It’s critical for foreign businesses to have assistance with contract and margin negotiations, product and channel marketing, channel management, and importation and shipping when attempting to familiarize with new populations,” said Patrick Daniels, managing director of Second Chance. “Our multilingual in-house marketing department are experts in building consumer awareness and product demand through our retailer network of more than 7,500 stores in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.”

The iBobber is available for purchase in the United States at local retailers as well as online sites such as, Walmart, Target, Costco (Canada), Walmart (Canada) among others.