Rebel Revives Legendary Pop-R Design

The Pop-R P71 promises “money in the bank” for savvy tournament anglers in more ways than one. Most obviously, it will deliver tournament winnings. As significantly, it will keep anglers from having to dig deep for hard-to-find original Pop-R P70s when those elusive baits occasionally show up for purchase online.

Measuring 3 1/8 inches and weighing 9/16 ounce, the new P71 perfectly matches the size, shape and action of the legendary P70. As importantly, the P71 is made from butyrate, providing the proper buoyancy for spitting and popping and the low-pitched rattle that helped set apart the P70 from other popping lures.

A large popper already, the Pop-R P71 is engineered for optimized casting, which is important for making long casts to avoid spooking fish. Excellent castability is also critical for making precise presentations to tight spots under docks or overhanging trees and close to riprap, seawalls, stumps or brush. The P71 excels as a target bait, so the ability so slip it quietly into tight spots is critical.

The P71 also rests almost vertically in the water, and when worked with quick twitches, walks and splashes from side-to-side without pulling away from the cover, which aggravates fish into biting.

Other important features include a larger front treble to increase hook-up rates and a feather-dressed back treble for added attraction as it dangles in front of fish between pops. 

The Pop-R P71 comes in six colors, including old-school standards and a few outstanding new colors.

MSRP: $7.99